Number of Deaths in Every Life Series Session

When given a session of the Life Series, can you name how many deaths there were?
Soulmates are considered one death for the purposes of this quiz.
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Quiz by TurkeyCookTime
Last updated: February 18, 2024
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3rd Life 1
Scar, Skizz
3rd Life 2
3rd Life 3
3rd Life 4
Joel, Jimmy, Jimmy, Ren, Skizz
3rd Life 5
Ren, Tango, Etho, Joel, Bdubs
3rd Life 6
Etho, Cleo
3rd Life 7
Scott, Grian, Jimmy, Cleo, Tango, Martyn, Impulse, Cleo, Skizz
3rd Life 8
BigB, Joel, Scott, Scott, Martyn, Etho, Impulse, Tango, BigB, Ren, Martyn, Impulse, BigB, Grian, Bdubs, Scar, Grian
Last Life 1
Last Life 2
Mumbo, Joel, Lizzie, Joel, Mumbo, Scott, Joel
Last Life 3
Last Life 4
Skizz, Cleo, Grian, Cleo, Bdubs
Last Life 5
Scar, Scar
Last Life 6
Bdubs, Mumbo, Joel, Tango, Lizzie, Impulse, Scar, Jimmy, Lizzie, Scott, Skizz
Last Life 7
Impulse, Jimmy, Mumbo, Grian, BigB, BigB, Skizz, Tango, Bdubs, Impulse, Lizzie, Bdubs
Last Life 8
Etho, Pearl, Ren, Tango, Pearl, BigB, Scar, Martyn, Cleo, Scott
Last Life 9
Ren, Pearl, Cleo, Etho, Martyn, Cleo, Grian, Etho, Joel, Pearl, Martyn, Ren, Scott
Double Life 1
Tango/Jimmy, Joel/Etho
Double Life 2
Double Life 3
Cleo/Martyn, BigB/Ren
Double Life 4
Joel/Etho, Pearl/Scott, Impulse/Bdubs, Jimmy/Tango, Bdubs/Impulse
Double Life 5
Scar/Grian, Jimmy/Tango, Scar/Grian, Ren/BigB
Double Life 6
Scott/Pearl, Cleo/Martyn, Grian/Scar, Etho/Joel, Bdubs/Impulse, Cleo/Martyn, Scott/Pearl
Limited Life 1
Skizz, Skizz, Scar, Jimmy, Joel, Cleo, Impulse, Skizz, BigB, Martyn
Limited Life 2
Joel, Grian, Jimmy, Scar, Cleo, Bdubs
Limited Life 3
Skizz, Jimmy, Pearl, Scar, Joel, Martyn, Pearl, Cleo, Grian, Jimmy, Martyn, Grian, Etho
Limited Life 4
Cleo, Tango, Scott, Joel, Martyn, Grian, Bdubs, Scar, Martyn, Scar, Impulse, BigB, Scott, Tango, Pearl, Joel
Limited Life 5
Bdubs, Joel, Scar, Bdubs, Martyn
Limited Life 6
Joel, Jimmy, Jimmy, Pearl, Joel, BigB, Etho, Joel, Bdubs, Etho, Etho, Skizz, Grian, Impulse, Skizz, Etho, Etho, Jimmy, Impulse, Scar, Jimmy, Tango, Tango, Scar, Cleo, Tango, Tango
Limited Life 7
Joel, Grian, Grian, Jimmy, Scott, Scott, Etho, Grian, Jimmy, Impulse, Scott, Tango, Etho, Joel, Jimmy, Impulse, Bdubs, Scott, Tango, Cleo, Martyn, Jimmy, Skizz, Joel, BigB, Scott, Impulse, Etho, Skizz, Martyn, Skizz, Joel, Etho, Scar, Skizz, Bdubs, Impulse, Scar, Cleo, Bdubs, Joel, Grian, Scar, Joel, Joel
Limited Life 8
Scott, Bdubs, Grian, Cleo, Grian, Bdubs, Cleo, Cleo, Scott, Scar, Tango, Tango, Scott, BigB, Pearl, Tango, Grian, Cleo, BigB, Scar, Cleo, BigB, Grian, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Scott, BigB, Pearl, Martyn, Etho, Martyn, Grian, Impulse, Etho, Impulse, Pearl, Impulse, Impulse, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Impulse, Martyn, Scott, Impulse, Martyn, Martyn
Secret Life 1
Secret Life 2
Secret Life 3
Jimmy, Gem, Joel, Lizzie
Secret Life 4
Martyn, Jimmy
Secret Life 5
Lizzie, Mumbo
Secret Life 6
Bdubs, Mumbo, Lizzie, Skizz, Jimmy, Mumbo, Grian, BigB
Secret Life 7
Scott, Bdubs, Impulse, Pearl, Tango, Scar, Etho, Joel, Gem, Skizz, Tango, Cleo, BigB
Secret Life 8
Scar, Pearl, Grian, Cleo, Etho, Scott, Impulse
Secret Life 9
Tango, Skizz, Etho, Martyn, BigB, Cleo, Grian, Impulse, Bdubs, Joel, Scott, Gem, Pearl
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