Super Mario Bros. Enemies

Can you name the enemies from Super Mario Bros. using the hints given?
Quiz by TurkeyCookTime
Last updated: October 31, 2022
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First submittedFebruary 14, 2021
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First appears in
It walks back and forth and can be defeated by any means
Little Goomba
It retreats into its shell when jumped on
Koopa Troopa
It comes out of a pipe and is invincible to normal attacks
Piranha Plant
It flies either vertically or horizontally, depending on its color
Koopa Paratroopa
It spins in a circle and can be various different lengths
It swims towards the player or jumps up from below the screen
It pursues the player underwater
It jumps out of the lava and is completely invincible
It throws hammers in an arc
Hammer Brother
It flies in a cloud and wears glasses
It is thrown by the previous answer
Spiny's Egg
It hatches from the previous answer
It has a fireproof shell
Buzzy Beetle
It flies in a straight line
Bullet Bill
It shoots an endless number of the previous answer
Turtle Cannon
Level 85
Dec 6, 2021
According to page 12 of the manual, the correct spelling is "Pirana plant". The SMB3 manual lists only new enemies. Page 40 lists "The Pirana Plants" and includes "Walking Piranas". It wasn't until Super Mario World that the manual lists a "Jumpin' Piranha Plant" on page 23, with the correct spelling of piranha. In the end credits, it's listed as "Jumping Pirhana Plant".

Also, no "Bowser, King of the Koopa"?

Also, how do you know that it's called a "Turtle Cannon"? It wasn't listed in the manual, and I can't find any online references to it. Everything I've seen calls it a "Bullet Bill Launcher".

Level 76
Dec 6, 2021
I used the Mariowiki for all these names. They might not all be correct, but I also put in as many alternate names as possible.
Level 85
Dec 6, 2021
Consider adding "Bullet Bill Launcher" as a type-in. That's the only name I've ever read for it, or heard from Super Mario Maker 2 streamers.
Level 76
Dec 6, 2021
Both "Bullet Bill Launcher" and "Bill Launcher" have been added. I'm also not adding Bowser since he's a boss, not a recurring enemy.
Level 76
Dec 6, 2021
Also, apparently, the name Turtle Cannon came from both a Nintendo Power volume and a "How to Win at Super Mario Bros." book. Not sure how canonical these are, but apparently the Mariowiki editors think it's canonical enough.