Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Trivia (Difficult)

Answer these questions relating to Peter Jackson's first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Quiz by Himal
Last updated: July 14, 2017
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How many Oscars did 'The Fellowship of the Ring" obtain at the 2002 Oscars?
What relation is Samwise Gamgee to Frodo Baggins?
How many members are there in the Fellowship of the Ring initially?
How old is Bilbo when he mysteriously disappears at his birthday celebration?
Who stabbed Frodo at Weathertop with a cursed blade?
Witch-king of Angmar
What surname is Frodo told to use by Gandalf when travelling to Bree so as not to stir any suspicion?
What is the name of the Eagle that save Gandalf from the top of Orthanc tower after being imprisoned by the wizard Saruman?
How many arrows did it take before Boromir was tragically slain at Amon Hen?
What is the name of the bridge in Moria where Gandalf the Grey fell battling the Balrog?
Bridge of Khazad-dum
What gift did Lady Galadriel give to Gimli upon departing Lothlorien?
Strand of her own hair
What is the name of the creature that lurks in the waters at the entrance to Moria?
Watcher in the Water
How many rings were made for the Dwarf-lords?
What is the name of the pony Sam purchases in Bree?
What is the healing plant Strider applies to Frodo after he is stabbed at Weathertop?
What is the Elvish word for 'Friend' that opens the Doors of Moria?
What length of time passes between Bilbo's disappearance at his birthday and the day Frodo sets out from the Shire on his quest?
17 years
Which renowned actor plays the role of both Smeagol and Gollum?
Andy Serkis
Where was Lurtz bred?
Isengard pits
What are Gandalf's final words to the Fellowship before falling in Moria?
Fly you fools!
Who tried to take the One Ring from Frodo?
Level 68
Jul 10, 2017
Please consider accepting a few more type-ins, eg Kingsfoil for Athelas, and Ringwraith, Wraith, Black Rider or Witch King for the Witch King of Angmar. Good quiz though.
Level 51
Jul 11, 2017
Thanks! Added Kingsfoil for Athelas and Witch King but don't really want to allow Ringwraiths because it was specifically the Witch King that stabbed him
Level 43
Sep 16, 2020
Good quiz. One point - it's actually three strands of Galadriel's hair (in both book and film). He requests one but she is so impressed with his courtesy that she gives him three.
Level 51
Nov 18, 2020
Made the answer plural now, thanks
Level 21
Jul 8, 2022
The Watcher in the Water should be accepted please
Level 47
Apr 17, 2024
Gollum tries to take the ring from Frodo, in Orodruin (Mt Doom), but it's true Boromir also did. I could see it confusing some people though depending on what jumps into their head.