USA 2021 Year in Review

How well do you remember 2021?
All dates courtesy of CNN
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Last updated: January 21, 2022
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This US building was stormed on January 6th for a pro-Trump riot
The Capitol Building
This former Vice President was inaugurated on January 20th
Joe Biden
On February 7th, this NFL team, led by Tom Brady, won its second ever Super Bowl
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This Texas Senator is seen flying to Cancun during heavy snow storms on February in Texas on February 15th
Ted Cruz
This NASA rover lands on Mars on February 18th
This company's vaccine is issued on February 26th but only to be recalled on April 13th
Johnson & Johnson
On April 20th, this Minnesota police officer is found guilty of all three charges for the killing of George Floyd
Derek Chauvin
Joe Biden establishes June 19th as this national holiday
On June 21th, The Supreme Court rules against this association to allow student athletes to accept education-related payments
This NFL player is the first active to publicly come out as gay on June 21st
Carl Nassib
On June 24th, this number of story building collapses in South Florida, killing 98 people
This billionaire visits space for 11 minutes funded by his space company, Blue Origin, on July 20th
Jeff Bezos
This Greek NBA player leads the Bucks to their second only NBA Championship on July 20th
Giannis Antetokounmpo
This world-renowned gymnast pulls out of Olympic competitions to focus on mental health on July 28th
Simone Biles
This woman becomes the first female governor of New York on August 24th
Kathy Hochul
An explosion takes place outside of this city's airport, killing dozens of people on August 26th
This Category 4 hurricane sweeps through the Gulf of Mexico in late August, destroying many businesses and homes
Hurricane Ida
The FDA grants use of a COVID-19 booster shot from this pharmaceutical company on September 22nd
This ninety-year-old actor who portrayed Captain Kirk on Star Trek becomes the oldest person to fly in space on October 13th
William Shatner
On October 28th, Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook will change its corporate name to this
The FDA allows the Pfizer COVID vaccine to be issued to children as young as this on October 29th
On November 2nd, this southern MLB team wins their fourth World Series
Atlanta Braves
This company's Crew Dragon capsule returns from space which marks the longest time for humans to be in space on November 9th
On Novmber 19th, Biden temporarily transfered power to the vice president while he was under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy. This woman becomes the first female to hold presidential power
Kamala Harris
This teenager is found not guilty after shooting three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin on November 19th
Kyle Rittenhouse
More than 60 people are injured in this Wisconsin city when an SUV plowed through a local Christmas parade on November 21st
This COVID-19 variant is first found in California on December 1st
Omicron Variant
This legendary NFL coach and broadcaster dies at 85 on December 28th
John Madden
This famous actress, just 17 days away from turning 100, dies of natural causes on December 31st
Betty White
Level 65
Jan 4, 2022
This quiz should have the title "USA 2021 Year in Review".
Level 70
Jan 16, 2022
Yeah the title should reflect how US-centric the quiz is. Good quiz otherwise!
Level 82
Jan 16, 2022
Usually disagree with comments like this. But I thought the same thing. Very US-centric. I gave up when I got to "this number of story building"...
Level 62
Jan 16, 2022
Yeah, a lot of the questions, I was like, "Who cares?" Maybe some of them could be changed - surely there were more important and memorable things which happened in the world in '21. Brexit came into force, for one, as the transition period ended at the end of 2020.

Some of the questions are fine and the Kamala Harris fact is a good one - didn't know that.

Level 84
Jan 16, 2022
The Crew Dragon Resilience mission that returned on May 2nd spent 167 days in space. The longest time a human has been in space is much longer at 437 days by Valeri Polyakov in 1994-95.

I think the record you mean is the longest flight of a "U.S. crew vehicle". Which was actually broken again on Nov 9th 2021 by Crew Dragon Endeavour which spent 199 days in space.

Level 50
Jan 19, 2022
Fixed. Thanks for letting me know
Level 67
Jan 16, 2022
I thought this was a US Year in Review quiz until I saw the question on Champions League. So if this is meant to be a world in review, it reflects on how narrow-minded Americans are.
Level 65
Jan 16, 2022
Only 2 out of the 30 questions concern events outside the US, the question on the Champions League and the one on Afghanistan. And the situation in Afghanistan is still US-related.

Plenty of things happened in 2021 outside the US too you know.

Level 66
Jan 16, 2022
Remove the soccer question and change the title to maker it clear that this is only about the United States. Then the rest of us won't waste our time.
Level 50
Jan 18, 2022
Sorry everyone for the issues. Thank you for the feedback. All are fixed.
Level 62
Jan 18, 2022
Not a big deal, but the quiz says "May 2th" on the Crew Dragon question
Level 50
Jan 19, 2022
Level 80
Jan 19, 2022
Nassib is the first active NFL player to come out, others have come out before him but after they had retired.
Level 50
Jan 21, 2022