Statistics for Parks and Recreation Characters

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Vocalist and Guitarist for Mouse Rat, Shoeshiner, Assistant to Leslie Knope, Weekend security guard at Pawnee City Hall, Assistant to the Sweetums Foundation's charity worker, Lead actor on the Johnny Karate's Super Awesome Musical Explosion ShowAndy Dwyer
Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation, Pawnee City Counselor, Director of Midwest Parks, Deputy Director of Operations in US, Governor of Indiana, President of the United States?Leslie Knope
Director of Parks and Recreation, Founder of Very Good Building Co., National Park of Pawnee SuperintendentRon Swanson
Parks and Recreation Department Administrator, Co-Founder of Entertainment 720, Founder of Rent-A-Swag, Founder of Tom's Bistro, Author of Failure: An American Success StoryTom Haverford
Nurse at Saint Joseph Hospital, Public Relations Director of the Health Department, Leslie Knope's Campaign ManagerAnn Perkins
Mayor of Partridge, Minnesota, President of the United States?, Indiana State Auditor, Campaign manager and strategist for Leslie Knope's City Council campaign, Assistant City Manager of Pawnee, Accountant at Tilton & Radomski Accounting, Self-proclaimed filmmaker and claymation artist, President of the Sweetums Charity Foundation, City Manager of Pawnee, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from IndianaBen Wyatt
Indiana State Auditor, City Manager of Pawnee, Employee at the University of Michigan, Director of Admissions at Indiana UniversityChris Traeger
Student at Pawnee Community College, Intern at the Parks Department, Assistant to the director of the Parks Department, Assistant to Pawnee's City Manager, Band manager of Mouse Rat, Assistant to Ben Wyatt, Deputy Director of Animal Control in the Parks Department, Employee at American Service Foundation Executive Director, Regional Affairs at National Park Service Midwest RegionApril Ludgate
Permits Security at Pawnee's Parks and Recreation Department, Founder of Regal Meagle Realty, Co-founder of non-profit Teach Yo' Self under American Service FoundationDonna Meagle
Park Ranger of Pawnee, Office Manager of Pawnee's Parks Department, Employee at the National Park Service Midwest Region, Notary, Acting Mayor of Pawnee, Mayor of PawneeJerry Gergich
News AnchorPerd Hapley
Sales Associate at Rent-A-SwagMona-Lisa Saperstein
Beloved miniature horse by the citizens of PawneeLi'l Sebastian
Salesman at Lady Foot Locker, Co-founder of Entertainment 720Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
Pawnee Today HostJoan Callamezzo
City Planner of Pawnee, Employee at Norton ConstrustionMark Brendanawicz
Associate Administrator for Pawnee Parks Department, Member of the Parks Department Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Committee, Director of Parks and Recreation Department, Sommelier at Tom's BistroCraig Middlebrooks
Reporter for the Pawnee JournalShauna Malwae-Tweep

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