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3842020-11-09The Cure Albums
1942023-06-02Highest FPL Points By Season
1062023-10-24Top 50 Best Hip Hop Albums of All Time
982022-04-25Kendrick Lamar Albums
982022-01-06Prince Albums
962021-04-06Most Goals in Football (Soccer) History
862021-06-14The Needle Drop - Top 200 Albums of the 2010s
852022-05-01The Simpsons Theme Song Lyrics
852020-08-20Best Selling Albums in the UK
752023-12-23FIFA World Coach of the Year
632020-08-23Best Selling Singles in the UK
592022-02-05Premier League Player of the Month - 2010s
522021-06-18The Needle Drop - Top 100 Songs of the 2010s
452022-01-12Every Chelsea Manager
432021-04-16Premier League Player of the Month - 2000s
412021-04-03The Needle Drop - 15 Worst Albums of the 2010s
402021-06-16Match Quiz - FIFA World Cup Final 2018
382021-05-30BBC Goal of the Season
352023-02-24Every Champions League Final Man of the Match
352021-04-01Most Appearances in Football (Soccer)
352021-04-17Premier League Player of the Month - 1990s
332021-01-29ICONS: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century
332023-02-22All-Time Top Scorers by Country - Europe
322022-01-10Every Tottenham Hotspur Manager
322022-01-11Every Arsenal Manager
322021-10-13The Smiths albums
322020-08-15The Needle Drop - Classic Albums
312023-03-07All-Time Top Scorers by Club - Europe
312021-04-02Most Caps in International Football (Soccer)
302022-01-10Every Liverpool Manager
302022-01-12Every Manchester City Manager
292022-01-12Every Aston Villa Manager
272021-10-10Best Ranked Heavyweight Boxers
262023-02-20All-Time Top Scorers by Club - Premier League
262022-12-23US Presidents by Final Approval Rating
252021-04-14Football Fact File - Sergio Aguero
252021-04-14Football Fact File - Virgil Van Dijk
232021-04-12Football/Soccer's Golden Boy Award
232022-12-231994 World Cup Trivia
232022-01-11Every Manchester United Manager
222022-12-262010 World Cup Trivia
212021-02-11The Needle Drop - NOT GOOD
202022-01-13Every Newcastle Manager
172021-06-16Match Quiz - FIFA World Cup Final 2014
162022-12-231982 World Cup Trivia
132022-01-18Every Everton Manager
122022-12-231974 World Cup Trivia
102022-12-27UEFA Women's Euro 2022 Trivia
102023-01-031934 World Cup Trivia
82023-12-08The Last Leg D*ck of the Year
82022-09-20Jamie Foxx Quiz
62022-03-01Michael Ball Quiz
62022-01-14Every Wolves Manager
32023-10-18Steve Irwin Trivia
32021-04-30Top Gear Car of the Year
22023-02-20All-Time Top Scorer by Club - Championship
02024-01-25The Simpsons Showrunners