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2,7442022-05-03Eliminate Countries #1
1,2102020-03-26Category Elimination - Country Rankings
5312021-10-28Every United States Senator Ever
4862022-02-13Jeopardy! Questions James Holzhauer Got Wrong
4862021-03-05Eliminate Countries #2
2992021-03-11Eliminate Countries #4
2582021-03-09Eliminate Countries #3
2132021-10-20Badly Described School Subjects
1882021-03-01Eliminate States #1
1722021-10-16Eliminate Countries #5
1592020-06-26CNN's Top 10 Vice Presidents for Joe Biden 6/25/2020
722020-12-06Random Year to President
692020-04-06Jeopardy Quiz #1
682020-03-22Combined Countries of the World (Hard)
642019-12-10Combined Country Names #1
632020-03-25Updated: 2020 Presidential Candidates by Picture
592020-04-03Every Warrior Cat that Appears in the Entire Series
572020-03-22Australian Open 2020 ATP Bracket
522020-03-22Random States by their Interstates
492020-02-21Combined Country Names - Oceania
442019-12-12Combined Country Names #2
432020-02-21Combined Country Names - Asia
412020-03-22Australian Open 2020 WTA Bracket
412021-09-02Country by Most Popular Food #1
402020-06-26US Governors 2020 - Map Quiz
362020-01-14ATP World Tour Tile Select
352019-12-12Combined Country Names #3
342020-12-03Supreme Court Justices by Picture 2020-
332020-02-13Combined State Names
322020-05-14Random Presidential Last Names by Consonants
322022-04-15Country by Most Popular Food #3
312020-06-24CNN's Top 10 Vice Presidents for Joe Biden 6/18/2020
312020-02-14Combined Country Names - Europe
302021-09-02Country by Most Popular Food #2
292020-03-02Combined Country Names - Africa
282021-11-11Countries that Search Bosnia and Herzegovina the Most
272019-12-12Combined Country Names W/ Border #1
272020-05-15Travel Quizzes - Italy
272020-03-09Countries in the Middle #1
272019-12-08ATP Ranking Points
272021-10-29Country Border Anagrams
262021-11-06Countries that Search Belgium the Most
262021-10-26Year by US Historical Event (1600-1800)
252020-05-095 Largest Cities in All European Countries
242020-07-14Texas’s Presidential Voting History
242021-01-27US Governors 2021 - Map Quiz
242021-01-08Incoming US Senators - 117th Congress
242021-11-03Countries that Search Albania the Most
242021-02-08Countries Placed Inside Another Country Map Quiz
232020-03-16Random Combined Countries of the World (Hard)
232021-11-11Countries that Search Bulgaria the Most
222021-11-03Countries that Search Argentina the Most
222020-03-05California Representatives by Picture
222021-11-12Countries that Search Cambodia the Most
212021-08-27AP Comparative Government and Politics Countries
212021-11-04Countries that Search Azerbaijan the Most
212020-03-23Warriors - Into the Wild Allegiances
202021-11-04Countries that Search Armenia the Most
182020-03-26Island Countries by Partial Shape #1
182020-02-13Combined Country Names - Americas
162021-09-28Celestial Objects by Gravitational Pull
162020-05-14States with Projected Changes in Representatives
152021-11-04Countries that Search Australia the Most
152021-09-01Combined Country Borders - Europe
152021-11-04Countries that Search The Bahamas the Most
152020-03-06Arizona Representatives by Picture
152020-03-02Combined Country to Capital - Oceania
142021-11-06Countries that Search Bhutan the Most
142020-04-14Warriors - Fire and Ice Allegiances
132021-10-18Countries with the Greatest Difference #1
132021-11-03Countries that Search Antigua and Barbuda the Most
122021-11-05Countries that Search Bangladesh the Most
122020-07-14California’s Presidential Voting History
122020-12-03Supreme Court Justices by Picture 2018-2020
112021-11-03Countries that Search Andorra the Most
112021-11-06Countries that Search Bolivia the Most
112021-11-04Countries that Search Austria the Most
112021-11-05Countries that Search Bahrain the Most
112021-11-05Countries that Search Barbados the Most
102021-11-11Countries that Search Brunei the Most
102021-02-03Ron DeSantis Governor Quiz
102021-11-06Countries that Search Belarus the Most
102020-02-12Warrior Cat Clans Tile Select
102020-03-06Colorado Representatives by Picture
102021-02-032020 Tim Hortons Brier Teams
92021-11-03Countries that Search Algeria the Most
82021-11-11Countries that Search Brazil the Most
82020-03-30Scrambled US Counties
82021-11-03Countries that Search Angola the Most
82021-02-01Gavin Newsom Governor Quiz
82020-03-09Countries in the Middle #2
82020-03-11Countries in the Middle #3
82021-11-03Countries that Search Afghanistan the Most
72021-10-03US States - Most Misspelled Words
72021-11-06Countries that Search Belize the Most
62020-12-18Which City? Weather Edition (Week of 12/18/2020)
62021-10-28Florida’s Presidential Voting History
62020-12-07Countries in the Middle #4
62021-11-12Countries that Search Cameroon the Most
62020-03-05Alabama Representatives by Picture
52021-11-06Countries that Search Benin the Most
52021-11-12Countries that Search Burundi the Most
42021-11-12Countries that Search Cape Verde the Most
42021-11-11Countries that Search Botswana the Most
42021-10-052021 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Teams
42020-12-07Sen. Lisa Murkowski Voting History Quiz - 116th Congress
32020-12-07Sen. Richard Shelby Voting History Quiz - 116th Congress
32021-11-12Countries that Search Cote d’Ivoire the Most
32021-11-12Countries that Search Burkina Faso the Most
32020-12-07Sen. Doug Jones Voting History Quiz - 116th Congress
32020-12-11Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 4)
32020-04-09All Major Country Facts
32021-02-02Greg Abbott Governor Quiz
32020-12-08Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde
22020-04-06Jeopardy Quiz #1 - Full Game Format
22020-12-09Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 2)
22022-01-292022 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Teams
22020-12-13Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 6)
12020-12-03Ludovico Einaudi - Islands: Essential Einaudi
12020-12-03Ludovico Einaudi - Islands: Essential Einaudi Deluxe Version
12020-12-06Ludovico Einaudi - Eden Roc
12020-12-17Ludovico Einaudi - In a Time Lapse
12020-12-07Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni
12020-12-08Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina
12020-12-08Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 1)
12020-12-10Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 3)
12020-12-12Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 5)
12020-12-08Sen. John Boozman Voting History Quiz - 116th Congress
12020-12-14Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 7)
12020-12-08Sen. Dan Sullivan Voting History Quiz - 116th Congress