Eliminate Countries #1

Similar to Category Elimination quizzes, I will give you a category with a set number of countries in it. Go down the list and name the country/countries that are eliminated in each round until you reach the final country left.
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Quiz by GeoTennisWhiz
Last updated: May 3, 2022
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First submittedMarch 2, 2021
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Countries in the Americas
Country where Mount Denali is located
United States
Country where Machu Picchu is located
Country that hosted the 2016 Olympics
The two southernmost countries in Central America
Costa Rica | Panama
The only country that shares a border with Haiti
Dominican Republic
8th Largest Island Country in the world
South American country that borders Panama
The country with Oaxaca as a subdivision
Country that owns the Galapagos Islands
Country where the city Halifax is located
Countries that share Tierra del Fuego
Chile | Argentina
Countries that border El Salvador
Guatemala | Honduras
Country where Managua Lake is located
The other landlocked South American country that borders Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina
Central American country that ONLY borders the Pacific Ocean
El Salvador
Country with a flag that has a purple parrot on it
Country where Maracaibo is located
Island nation without red, white, or blue on their flag
Country that ONLY borders Brazil and Argentina
The only Dutch speaking country
Country with the capital Bridgetown
Country with the capital Nassau
County that is landlocked after a border dispute with Chile
Smallest country in the Americas
St. Kitts and Nevis
Countries with a capital that contains “Port”
Haiti | Trinidad and Tobago
The remaining countries located in the Lesser Antilles
Antigua and Barbuda | Grenada | St. Lucia | St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Country with the capital Belmopan
What is the final country?
Level 66
Mar 2, 2021
good quiz
Level 83
Mar 2, 2021
Nice twist on elimination quizzes! Nominated and look forward to more...
Level 53
Mar 2, 2021
Thanks! I’ll be making the next ones soon. Be sure to try the states elimination quiz in the series as well!
Level 66
Oct 3, 2021
I literally thought it might be guyana before starting the quiz and it was!
Level 52
Oct 3, 2021
Bolivia borders both Argentina and Brazil
Level 53
Oct 3, 2021
Thanks for the feedback. I specified the clue so it only fits Uruguay.
Level 63
Oct 3, 2021
You spelled Colombia wrong :( Columbia is a university or a province in Canada (amongst other things). But the country that borders Panama is definitely called Colombia. Great quizz otherwise.
Level 53
Oct 3, 2021
Fixed. Thanks for catching that
Level 81
Oct 3, 2021
Good stuff! Nom-ed.
Level 68
Dec 27, 2021
I wish I had read the instructions. I was guessing countries of the whole world...
Level 64
May 3, 2022
quiz is pretty good, just needs a little cleaning up. You use periods on some hints but not others, you could specify the only "dutch speaking country" in the Americas, you unecassarily capitalize some words (Largest Island Country -+ largest island country)

you could also say "Country where the galapagos islands are located" to stick with the same grammar as the first two

idk maybe im just being really nitpicky lol

its a great quiz though, nominated

Level 54
May 3, 2022
I'm sorry, but I don't find this to be a good quiz. The clues do not build upon each other, so there is no reason why I should not be able to see one clue until I've answered the previous one. Also, some of the clues are really obscure. I'm supposed to know that Cuba is the 8th largest island country, and not the 7th or the 9th? Come on!
Level 74
May 3, 2022
So you didn't guess Cuba because you thought it might be the 7th or 9th largest instead? You know you can just guess things without penalty, right? Just guess the biggest island country you can think of, man. What a silly gripe.
Level 56
Jun 12, 2022
Not that you can't guess Cuba, but I personally have a problem with the clue because it's rather uncreative. Furthermore, as previously states, there's no building upon other clues.
Level 78
May 3, 2022
Conceptually ok, but I'm not wild about having questions where a whole bunch of countries are crammed in at once. (Looking at you, "remaining countries located in the Lesser Antilles.")

It just feels... clunky and uninspired. Would be much better if there were 35 questions, and each one only eliminated a single country.

Level 74
May 3, 2022
I think the thematic issue is that you have some questions about specific countries to eliminate them, and others are grouped. I like the quiz, but I think it might be even better to either do the continents separately and eliminate countries one at a time, or maybe try to eliminate a couple countries every time. So instead of having separate questions about Canada, Mexico, and the USA, you could eliminate all three with "Countries who once belonged to NAFTA". Just my two cents (probably worth less than that, though!).
Level 49
May 3, 2022
Solid advice there.
Level 74
Oct 4, 2022
Just to expand on that... it was much more satisfying knocking out several countries at a time.
Level 49
Oct 4, 2022
It makes no sense for the question about paraguay to say "the OTHER landlocked country" when bolivia wasn't even mentioned before.
Level 69
Oct 4, 2022
I enjoyed this quiz, thank you.
Level 73
May 21, 2023
I enjoyed that, nominated
Level 72
May 28, 2023
Minor correction: the sixth clue from the bottom says "county" instead of "country".