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4,5532015-01-24Manchester United All-Time Greatest XI
2,7682015-02-01Barcelona vs Manchester United - UEFA Champions League final 2009 squads
2,7492015-01-22Real Madrid All-Time Greatest XI
2,6922016-07-10Barcelona All-Time Greatest XI
2,4542015-05-09UEFA Champions League All-Time Greatest XI
2,0672019-11-16UEFA Champions League/European Cup winning captains
2,0182015-06-10Top 50 Most Valuable Footballers 2015
1,8442019-08-07UEFA Champions League winning managers
1,7392015-01-22AC Milan All-Time Greatest XI
1,6332019-08-05UEFA Champions League top scorers by season
1,5492019-08-08UEFA Champions League - 100 Club
1,5242015-01-22Arsenal All-Time Greatest XI
1,5162016-09-20Best Footballers since 2000
1,4302017-01-18Liverpool All-Time Greatest XI
1,3842019-05-16UEFA Champions League Hattricks
1,3102015-01-24Chelsea All-Time Greatest XI
1,2002018-03-19Premier League Hattricks
1,1092015-04-01Milan vs Liverpool - UEFA Champions League final 2007 squads
1,0472017-04-23El Clásico - Goalscorers since 2004
1,0302019-11-18La Liga - All time top goalscorers
9952015-02-01Germany vs Argentina - FIFA World Cup final 2014 squads
9792015-05-15Bayern Munich All-Time Greatest XI
9072015-01-23Juventus All-Time Greatest XI
8432019-09-23FIFA FIFPro World XI - Ultimate Quiz
7802021-02-01Ballon D'or/UEFA Best Player in Europe award - Ultimate quiz
7762019-06-28Top Goalscorers in Football History
7432017-02-07Netherlands All-Time Greatest XI
7342014-12-01FIFA Player of the Century
7222016-11-20Call of Duty: Zombies - Ultimate Quiz
6902017-02-09Argentina All-Time Greatest XI
6832021-05-24Football Domestic Champions
6612015-02-02England All-Time Greatest XI
6612017-07-28Top 100 Footballers Ever
5712015-05-02Tottenham Hotspur All-Time Greatest XI
5422017-04-23El Clásico - Top goalscorers
5372019-12-09Barcelona vs Arsenal - UEFA Champions League final 2006 squads
4152017-02-11Inter Milan All-Time Greatest XI
3752017-02-07Italy All-Time Greatest XI
3582019-05-13Golden Boot winners - Europe’s Top 5 Leagues
3252016-05-22Borussia Dortmund All-Time Greatest XI
3252017-07-13Barcelona Top 10 Players of All-Time
3252017-01-16UEFA European Championships - Ultimate Quiz
3252017-07-14Manchester United Top 10 Players of All-Time
3192017-02-08Germany All-Time Greatest XI
3132015-03-28La Liga - Spanish Football Stadiums
2972014-11-22FIFA World Cup Hattricks
2932017-02-07Brazil All-Time Greatest XI
2592017-02-03Best Footballers of each decade
2462017-07-12Real Madrid Top 10 Players of All-Time
2392015-06-11UEFA Champions League Team of the Season 2014/15
2322015-02-06FIFA World Cup 2014 - All Goalscorers
2192017-07-15Bayern Munich Top 10 Players of All-Time
2082019-09-23Top Goalscorers under Pep Guardiola
2072017-02-07Spain All-Time Greatest XI
1932017-02-07France All-Time Greatest XI
1622014-12-21Top 100 Footballers 2014
1592018-01-24Top Goalscorers under José Mourinho
1582017-03-15Best Ever Foreign Premier League Players
1572017-01-16UEFA European Championships final goalscorers
1562015-02-02FIFA Ballon D'or 2010 - Nominees
1542017-04-25Best Ever European Footballers
1512017-01-06Top 100 Footballers 2016
1462017-05-22Premier League 20 goal seasons
1432019-11-27Golden Boy winners - 2003-2019
1342017-02-08Uruguay All-Time Greatest XI
1252020-04-12Most Ballon D'Or Appearances
1212017-05-14UEFA EURO All-Time Greatest XI
1172017-04-25Best Ever South American Footballers
1152014-12-21UEFA Cup/Europa League all time top goalscorers
1072017-03-31Most Successful Footballers Ever
1062014-12-05FIFA World Team of the Century
1052016-09-21La Liga Winning Managers
952021-05-24Title Winning Managers
932017-12-15Top 100 Footballers 2017
862016-05-30UEFA Champions League Team of the Season 2015/16
812016-09-20Best Ever British/Irish Premier League Players
802021-04-26Top Sports Individual Awards
792017-01-12European XI's 2015/16
762016-09-26Football General Knowledge - Difficult
732018-12-21Top 100 Footballers 2018
732017-03-28Roma All-Time Greatest XI
712017-07-17Players with most Assists each season Top 5 Leagues
712019-08-02Domestic League Winning Captains - Top 5 Leagues
662020-01-02Top Goalscorers of the Decade
652014-12-23FIFA World Cup winning/losing captains
642019-06-30Football Domestic Cup Champions - Top 5 Divisions
622018-11-30UEFA Champions League All-Time Leading Goalscorers
572017-05-22Top Goalscorers for European Clubs in a season
562020-01-02Assist Kings of the Decade
562016-11-21UEFA Team of the Year 2016 Nominees
552014-12-17Crucial last minute winners
522014-12-26FIFA World Cup winning managers
522017-01-31Football Domestic POTY Winners
522015-05-24All European Hattricks 2014/15
512016-01-20Top 100 Footballers 2015
512016-04-15Best Pound-for-Pound Boxers in the World 2016
482017-01-03Top 50 U-21 Footballers 2016
452017-01-16UEFA Cup/Europa League final goalscorers
452017-01-16UEFA Cup/Europa League winning managers
442017-05-21Managers with 3+ consecutive League Titles
402017-01-19European Clubs - Ultimate Quiz
402018-03-30NBA All-Star 2018
382018-01-03Most goals in a calendar year
372015-06-08Treble winning sides
372017-05-06Top 50 Managers in the World 2017
362017-01-10All European Hattticks 2015/16
312017-04-03Bravo Award Winners - Young Footballers award
312019-12-02IFFHS World's Best Playmaker Winners
312017-03-23Largest European Football Stadiums
302019-11-29Most Appearances in Football
232016-06-27Best Pound-for-Pound Boxers in the World 2016 #2