The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror Quiz #2

This quiz will have some questions about the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes of the Simpsons. How many can you answer?
This only includes THOH from THOH VI (Season 7) to THOH X (Season 11).
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Quiz by Fuse
Last updated: October 10, 2020
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Treehouse of Horror VI (Season 7)
In "Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores", which Canadian singer created a song to help kill the Advertisements?
Paul Anka
In "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace", which character kills schoolchildren in their sleep?
Groundskeeper Willie
In "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace", which character "kills" the above character in their sleep?
In "Homer³ ", where does Homer find the 3-D portal behind?
In "Homer³ ", what is the name of the shop that Homer goes into in the real life 3-D dimension?
Erotic Cakes
Treehouse of Horror VII (Season 8)
In "The Thing and I", what is the name of Bart's siamese twin?
In "The Thing and I", what is the name of Homer's unsold autobiography?
Homer, I Hardly Knew Me
In "The Genesis Tub", what was Lisa's science project called?
Will Cola dissolve a tooth?
In "Citizen Kang", which two politicians do Kang and Kodos become?
Bill Clinton
Bob Dole
Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season 9)
In "The HΩmega Man", which country is against Springfield, due to a slur made by Mayor Quimby?
In "The HΩmega Man", what is the name of Herman's Bomb Shelter?
The Withstandinator
In "Fly vs. Fly", how much does Homer give Professer Frink for the teleporting machines?
35 cents | 35¢
In "Easy-Bake Coven", what rodent does Witch Marge turn Wiggum into?
In "Easy-Bake Coven", what is one of the names of the other two witches?
Patty | Selma
Treehouse of Horror IX (Season 10)
In "Hell Toupee", whose hair is given to Homer?
Name one of the three witnesses in "Hell Toupee"
Apu | Moe | Bart
In "The Terror of Tiny Toon", which radioactive element did Bart put into the TV remote?
In "Starship Poopers", what do Maggie's feet become after they fall out?
In "Starship Poopers", which TV presenter tries to fix the feud between Kang and Homer?
Jerry Springer
Treehouse of Horror X (Season 11)
In "I Know What You Diddly-Iddly-Did", what does Ned Flanders turn into?
In "Desperately Xeeking Xena", what is the superhero name of Lisa?
Clobber Girl
In "Desperately Xeeking Xena", what is the superhero name of Bart?
Stretch Dude
In "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die", which late American radio and TV personality hosted the 2000 New Year's celebration?
Dick Clark
In "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die", what present did Homer loot for Marge?
Lady Remington
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