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32,9082022-04-02Countries Of The World Quiz (Very Hard)
7292020-08-19The Cyrillic Alphabet
4292022-12-05Square Numbers 1-100
3842020-08-06Most Important Generals Of WW2
3052019-11-29Countries With The Strongest Armies
2642021-02-11The Most Brutal Dictators In History
2142020-09-07Which City is in... ?
1872020-09-25African Colonies By Country
1812020-01-17Biggest Cities In Russia
1762020-09-02Generals Of The Wehrmacht
1512019-11-29Most Popular Video Games In 2019
1422020-08-05Countries Without 1,000,000+ Cities
1362020-09-04Most Populous Capital Cities In The World
1302020-09-08Which City is in...? - U.S. Edition
1092019-12-17Most Important Countries Everyone Should Know
1032020-08-05Top 20 U.S. Cities Everyone Should Know
902020-08-19Important WW2 Cities
892019-11-24Biggest Cities In The European Union
792019-12-17Useless Countries You Don´t Need To Know
662020-09-08World History Multiple Choice
652020-08-29European Countries by Island
582019-12-18The 20th Century Quiz (Extreme)
542020-01-18Biggest Cities in the United States
522019-11-27Biggest Cities In Africa
512019-11-29Countries With Aircraft Carriers
512019-12-01Biggest Cities In South America
512020-02-16The Ultimate Geography Quiz
462019-12-01Longest Rivers In The World
452020-01-17Biggest Cities In France
452020-08-31European Countries By Picture
452020-01-18Biggest Cities In Germany
452019-11-23Countries Possessing Nuclear Weapons
432020-08-19Countries Whose Biggest City Isn't Their Capital
332019-11-26Members Of The Warsaw Pact
302021-02-26(just a quiz for a school test, just ignore it)
282019-11-29Biggest Concentration And Extermination Camps
272020-08-19U.S. Presidents By Clue
272019-11-29Countries With The Highest GDP
262020-08-05Every* City In The San Francisco Metro Area
252020-01-16Biggest Cities In China
232020-08-24Longest City name in Europe - Spelling
132020-12-19Countries by Calling Code
132021-08-122 Letter Country Codes Quiz
112020-06-22Biggest Cities in Maine
82020-06-22Biggest Cities in New Hampshire
42020-08-05Cities Quiz