Suggested Quizzes

Biggest Cities in the United States0-4.92725,258
U.S. State Capitals Quiz0-4.991,372,190
World Capitals Quiz0-5.004,022,227
Europe Capitals Quiz0-5.001,211,567
South America Capitals Quiz0-4.99371,269
Regions of Countries #10-4.96139,802
Islands by Country #10-4.86152,003
Biggest Metro Areas in the USA0-4.98294,115
Fictional Cities Quiz0-4.2545,790
Biggest Spanish-Speaking Cities0-4.84100,815
Biggest Cities by Language0-4.94197,670
Resort Towns by Country Quiz0-4.3437,299
Biggest US Cities by Decade0-4.93135,263
Word Scramble - Cities #10-4.4388,850
Africa Capitals Quiz0-4.99546,289
Cities with the Biggest Economies0-4.91109,308
Countries that Produce the Most Wine 0-4.87167,282
U.S. Cities by Clue #10-4.2145,103
U.S. Cities by Clue #20-4.0029,899
U.S. Cities by Clue #30-4.1126,534
World Cities by Clue Quiz #10-4.2569,088
World Cities by Clue Quiz #20-4.4344,971
World Cities by Clue Quiz #30-4.2545,130
Biggest Cities in the World Quiz0-4.84586,565
Countries with Four Letters0-4.99349,125
European Cities by Clue0-4.7879,672
North America Capitals Quiz0-4.99160,129
Capitals of Oceania Quiz0-4.98192,621
Asia Capitals Quiz0-4.98517,200
Countries by Clue #10-4.90199,832
Summer Olympics Host Cities0-4.98164,673
Asian Cities by Clue0-4.6723,030
Biggest Cities in Germany0-4.94233,139
U.S. City Nicknames0-4.1286,794
Capitals in their Native Languages0-4.93108,144
World City Nicknames Quiz0-4.0432,545
Biggest City in Each U.S. State0-4.85137,437
Countries by Clue #20-4.87132,867
European Countries by Clue0-4.94157,456
U.S. States by Clue #10-4.3831,262
U.S. States by Clue #20-4.1418,255
Regions of Countries #20-4.94105,548
Official Cities in the UK0-4.89203,940
Asia Capital to Country0-4.9597,665
Word Scramble - National Capitals0-4.16376,131
Random Capital to Country0-4.992,123,336
Word Scramble - U.S. States0-4.94398,848
Random Country to Capital0-4.97712,050
Five Biggest Cities by Country0-4.65138,965
Coldest World Capitals0-4.97106,750
Europe Capital to Country0-4.99202,375
Geographic Groups of Two #10-4.98196,166
Word Scramble - U.K. Cities0-4.5260,325
One-Syllable World Capital Cities0-4.3243,391
Same Letter Country and Capital0-4.99105,711
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #10-4.96125,879
Most Populous World Capitals0-4.89130,238
Top Five Countries By Category #10-4.99350,980
Top Five Countries By Category #20-4.91140,781
Top Five Countries By Category #30-4.86127,974
Solve the Secret Country0-4.96108,577
Solve the Secret Capital City0-4.78128,446
World Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.13175,975
US State Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.06141,449
Europe Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.32167,433
World Cities by Clue Quiz #40-4.3321,244
Biggest European Cities by Century0-4.96107,739
Capitals of Most Populated Countries0-4.97109,312
Word Scramble - U.S. State Capitals0-4.2048,270
Largest World Cities With Five Letters0-4.6452,409
Country Chain0-4.92160,415
Largest World Cities With Four Letters0-4.4140,296
Capital Cities Chain0-4.8365,631
Cities Chain #10-4.5459,025
Cities Chain #20-4.3150,821
Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #10-4.9460,230
Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #20-4.7457,186
World Capitals by Map0-5.00199,658
Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-4.811,023,177
Five Most Populated Cities by Continent0-4.95149,861
EU Capitals with No Hints0-4.93100,838
Biggest Cities in the U.S. - Extreme0-4.93120,698
Word Scramble - Cities #20-4.4720,681
World Capitals by Proximity0-4.92267,500
Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map0-4.94222,414
Megacities on a World Map0-4.97203,290
15 Largest Cities in Europe With a Map0-4.98179,068
15 Largest Cities in Asia With a Map0-4.9797,856
100 Biggest Cities on a World Map0-4.99323,278
European Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.9894,128
South American Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.99103,607
U.S. State Capitals Map Quiz0-4.88111,353
Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.92158,071
Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds0-4.89180,074
All 1M Cities by Proximity0-5.00455,911
Countries of the World with an Empty Map - Hard Version0-5.00240,069
Cities with the Most Michelin Stars0-4.2620,880
Countries that Beat the United States0-4.86106,614
Top 10 Most Populous U.S. State Capitals0-4.4643,998
World Capitals by a Single Clue #10-4.3741,172
World Capitals by a Single Clue #20-4.3537,785
World Capitals by a Single Clue #30-4.2331,632
World Capitals by a Single Clue #40-4.3325,982
Divided World City Name Puzzle #10-4.9232,684
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,231
The Only Country ...0-4.5215,344
100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map0-4.96268,578
Five Most Guessed Cities by Continent0-4.9794,971
Which City in Germany?0-4.57106,708
Which City in France?0-4.5149,088
Which City in Italy?0-4.5266,416
Which City in Spain?0-4.4436,020
Which City in the United States?0-4.1049,325
Which City in Europe?0-4.8688,543
Which City in Africa?0-4.5744,134
Which City in Asia?0-4.4136,727
Which City In the United Kingdom?0-4.9466,204
Which City in Latin America?0-4.6335,498
Word Scramble - European Capitals0-4.5269,899
Add A Letter - Make a Capital City0-4.4228,033
Which City in Australia?0-4.5620,781
Countries by Emojis0-4.99163,524
Which City in the Middle East?0-4.4447,019
Countries in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.99256,397
Which City in Canada?0-4.8440,791
Random Flag to Country0-4.99405,902
Random European Flag to Country0-4.82128,097
Random European City to Country0-4.8483,309
Random U.S. City to State0-4.4458,754
Name a Valid Country #10-4.99179,582
Random European Capital to Country0-4.97132,279
Random European Country to Capital0-4.91106,437
Random State Capital to U.S. State0-4.7859,892
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,174
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,235
Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #10-4.4240,585
U.S. Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions0-4.4123,287
Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #20-4.4727,888
Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #30-4.4135,010
Name a Valid Country #20-4.97156,903
Name a Valid Country #30-4.98168,018
Name a Valid U.S. State #10-4.91151,541
Random Asian City to Country0-4.3931,615
European Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions0-4.4837,724
Cities that End in A by Clue0-4.4737,429
Cities that End in I by Clue0-4.5039,911
Cities that End in O by Clue0-4.5044,901
Cities that End in N by Clue0-4.5139,197
Cities that End in S by Clue0-4.5137,462
Random Countries on the World Map0-5.001,134,073
Category Elimination - Countries #10-4.99248,690
Name a Valid Country #50-4.98125,637
Category Elimination - Countries #20-4.98180,930
Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-5.00183,598
Name a Valid European Country #10-4.98164,525
Category Elimination - Countries #30-4.98173,502
Category Elimination - U.S. States #10-4.88164,091
Name a Valid Capital #10-4.9661,712
Category Elimination - Countries #40-4.99147,724
Asian Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions0-4.4822,402
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,132
Random U.S. States on a Map0-4.93338,799
Random European Countries on a Map0-4.98220,136
European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,231
Random Asian Countries on a Map0-4.95129,642
Random African Countries on a Map0-4.99206,561
Name a Valid Country #40-4.95154,692
Random World Capitals on a Map0-4.9097,943
World Map Without 20 Random Countries0-4.975,800,040
Random African Capitals on a Map0-4.9241,948
Random Asian Capitals on a Map0-4.7339,451
Random European Capitals on a Map0-4.9692,663
Random Cities on a World Map0-4.1634,517
Random U.S. State Capitals on a Map0-4.8770,974
Category Elimination - Cities0-4.2635,094
Countries in Squares of the World Map0-5.00126,726
Random Name a Valid Country0-4.99112,134
Name a City - U.S. States0-4.3422,173
Random Cities Near Paris on a Map0-4.4630,210
Random African Country to Capital0-4.9243,822
World Map with 10 Random Extra Borders0-4.97272,822
Random Cities Near Chicago on a Map0-4.4627,903
Random Sequential African Countries on a Map0-5.00102,072
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map0-5.00394,876
Category Elimination - Capital Cities #10-4.91102,211
Capital Cities in Squares of an Empty World Map0-4.9970,871
Name a Valid European Capital0-4.9382,457
Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.9059,134
Random African Capital to Country0-4.9667,938
Name a World Capital A-Z0-5.00122,593
Name a Valid U.S. State Capital0-4.8845,361
Category Elimination - European Geography #10-4.96174,911
Can You Name These 50 Random Countries?0-4.98155,778
Random Cities by Clue0-4.5229,608
Name a Valid Asian Capital0-4.5740,710
Flag Coloring Book Puzzle #10-4.94125,007
Name Any Valid U.S. City0-4.4631,402
City to Country - Tile Select #10-4.7731,552
World Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.991,245,035
City to Country - Tile Select #20-4.3317,503