Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?
Quiz by KingEureka
Last updated: October 14, 2020
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Capital city
Official language
Most commonly spoken language
Vincentian Creole
Island chain that the country is part of
Windward Islands
Larger island chain which includes the above
Lesser Antilles
Country which, appropriately, lies just south of the Grenadines
Country which lies about 50 km north of Saint Vincent
Saint Lucia
First European to visit Saint Vincent on 22 January 1498
Christopher Columbus
Native American group that lived on the island prior to European settlement,
namesake of a famous sea
Largest Christian denomination (starts with A)
Former British fort overlooking the capital, named after the wife of King George III
Fort Charlotte
Fruit that William Bligh, of the HMS Bounty, brought from Tahiti to Saint Vincent
Type of disaster which killed 1,680 people in 1902
Volcanic eruption
Level 91
Jun 23, 2020
Level 84
Jun 23, 2020
Just a curious (and rather sad) fact:

The eruption of La Soufrière in 1902 was a major factor in the high death toll of the Mount Pelée eruption.

When the news of the eruption came to Saint-Pierre, many people were reassured that nothing was going to happen, since the volcanic tension of Mount Pelée was relieved elsewhere (St. Vincent), and decided to stay in/move to the city.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case: just hours after La Soufrière erupted, Mount Pelée did too... and within seconds, the city of Saint-Pierre (in the words of Theodore Roosevelt) "ceased to exist".

Level 61
Jul 10, 2020
Shoutout Ludger Sylbaris
Level 61
Oct 14, 2020
You can not discover a place that was already inhabited.

Columbus did not discover anything.

Level 76
Dec 30, 2020
You don't have to be first to be able to 'discover' something.
Level 65
Jan 12, 2022
How do you discover something that is already found?
Level 89
Feb 13, 2022
Because discovery is a subjective phenomenon
Level 67
Jun 2, 2023
The word discover has two senses, and one of them carries a lot of baggage.
Level 42
Oct 28, 2020
Apparently, my teacher's grandfather was the first prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Level 72
Nov 22, 2020
Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between creole and patois? I thought of Jamaica and tried patois first, thinking it would accept it and when it didn't I tried Dutch, French, Spanish before getting right.
Level 52
Dec 30, 2020
Did worse than expected. Many answers were obvious, but I dismissed them as being too obvious. And I can’t spell Antilles.
Level 89
Dec 30, 2020
I just remember Captain Antilles from Star Wars.
Level 70
Jan 8, 2021
You would have to be a bigger Star Wars nerd than I am for that to help you remember how to spell "Antilles".
Level 63
Apr 23, 2021
the volcano is erupting again
Level 44
Apr 21, 2022
it accepts haitian creole for vincentian or however it's spelled creole
Level 60
Feb 26, 2023