The Saturn Quiz

Can you answer these trivia questions about the 6th planet from the sun?
Quiz by KingEureka
Last updated: August 9, 2020
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Most abundant element in Saturn's atmosphere
Saturn's most popular nickname
The Ringed Planet
In 1610, he became the first person to observe Saturn's rings
Galileo Galilei
Largest moon of Saturn
The above is the only moon in the solar system to have a substantial ________
Greek version of the Roman titan named Saturn
Second largest moon of Saturn, named for the wife of the above
What the mythological titan Saturn did to his children
Ate Them
Like Jupiter's moon Europa, the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus is covered with ___
Spacecraft that flew past Saturn in 1980 on its way out of the solar system
Voyager 1
Shape of the cloud pattern located around the north pole of Saturn
Modern-day holiday that takes place at roughly the same time as Saturnalia,
the ancient Roman holiday
Saturn gets its yellowish hue from crystals of this compound with formula NH3
It is believed that this hard and valuable mineral falls as rain on Saturn
With a specific gravity of 0.69, Saturn has the lowest _____ of any planet
Saturn's moon Mimas resembles this fictional space station and galactic superweapon
Death Star
First space probe to enter Saturn's orbit, named for a French astronomer who
discovered four of Saturns moons
Level 62
Sep 23, 2020
Level 84
Aug 10, 2020
Another good quiz in this series.

I guess next we get a quiz about Uranus?

Level 82
Aug 10, 2020
Standard joke about probes...
Level 60
Sep 6, 2020
No question about SaturnPL? :)
Level 66
Sep 23, 2020
Fascinating, thanks.
Level 71
Sep 23, 2020
Used to be really obsessed with Saturn in 3rd grade after doing a project on it... honestly now though, I think the thing I find most exciting about Saturn is Titan. It not only has a substantial atmosphere (which some scientists theorize may be similar to an early Earth atmosphere), it also has rivers and lakes of methane. I'd say it's a pretty good candidate for life in our Solar System.
Level 75
Sep 23, 2020
Sounds like Cronos found a way to deal with sibling rivalry among his children. It's a good thing I didn't think of that when mine were teenagers.
Level 59
Sep 24, 2020
Doesn't "What the mythological titan Saturn did to his children" sounds strange?

congratulations on the FP though (人*´∀`)。*゚+

Level 59
Sep 26, 2020
Is there a way Galilleo could be accepted?
Level 62
Oct 9, 2020
Only if he resurrects and gets his name changed...

The type-ins are already very liberal.