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1,0352015-01-13Three words, one country #1
8632015-01-19Tolkien's Universe Quiz #1
8382015-01-13Three words, one country #2
6932015-04-24Countries Bordering the Atlantic Ocean
6772015-02-02Countries with the Fewest Christians (%)
6762015-01-07Modern-day countries of the Mongol Empire
6712015-02-02Countries with the Most Christians (%)
6652015-02-03World Religions by Followers
6032014-12-31Provinces of Spain
5902015-01-07The First World War by year - 1914
5782015-01-19Tolkien's Universe Quiz #2
5522015-02-23Three words, one country #4
5182015-01-14The Lord of the Rings Ring-bearers
4882015-02-23Three words, one country #5
3922015-02-17League of Legends Items
3842015-12-02Cities that are larger than their countries capital
3472015-01-11Largest Deserts by Area
3422015-02-11Greatest Prime Ministers of Great Britain
2632014-11-29Counties of Wales
2512014-12-29Countries closest to Japan
2382015-02-11Prime Ministers of Great Britain
2372015-07-16Tracks on Albums #17: Metallica
2282015-01-19Tolkien's Universe Quiz #3
2242014-12-09Subterranean Homesick Blues Lyrics
2072015-01-12Countries with the Largest Armies
1902015-01-21United States in Alphabetical Order
1902015-01-16Countries Visited by Che Guevara
1872014-12-31Lines of the London Underground
1702015-01-08Countries that have gained independence from Britain
1652014-11-19Seas bordering Russia
1642015-01-14Tracks on Albums #1: The Dark Side of the Moon
1632015-01-17Countries in the European Union
1602015-02-01Tracks on Albums #9: The Stone Roses
1572015-01-20Languages by Number of Native Speakers
1462015-01-08Transcontinental Countries
1412015-01-26Members of the Eurozone
1352015-01-17Largest Cities in Europe
1262015-01-13Longest Mountain Ranges
1242014-11-20Pink Floyd Albums
1222015-02-01Christian Denominations by Numbers
1212014-12-04Counties of England
1192015-01-15Unhappiest Countries
1192015-02-13Countries with territorial claims in Antarctica
1152015-02-12Peninsulas of Europe
1132015-01-26Countries by GDP (nominal)
1122015-01-17Countries by First and Last Letter
1122015-01-08Canadian Islands by Area
1082015-01-15Happiest Countries
1042015-02-25Monarchs of Great Britain
892014-12-04Countries with the highest suicide rate
882015-02-07Islands of the British Isles by Area
872015-02-01Tracks on Albums #14: Led Zeppelin IV
842015-01-26Countries by GDP (nominal) per capita
842015-02-01Tracks on Albums #15: Master of Puppets
832015-01-01League of Legends Champions
802015-01-13Three words, one country #3
792014-12-31Landlocked Countries
772015-01-22The Plagues of Egypt
762015-01-12Best-selling games on the Nintendo 64
762015-01-08Canadian Capitals
732015-01-10Countries with the lowest population density
732015-02-02Greatest Movies of all Time
682015-01-14Best-selling games on the XBOX 360
652015-03-07Best-Selling Books of All Time
622015-02-01Tracks on Albums #18: Wish You Were Here
622015-02-10Islands by Countries
622015-01-09Planet of the Apes Films
592015-01-07The First World War by year - 1915
562015-01-10Demonyms #1
532015-01-04Famous Assassins
512015-07-18Largest Rivers
502015-01-14Tracks on Albums #2: Appetite for Destruction
502015-01-10The Original States of the USA
472015-02-03Countries with no Armed Forces
472015-01-14Greatest Albums of all Time
462015-01-10The First World War by year - 1916
432015-01-09Members of the Commonwealth of Nations
402015-02-01Tracks on Albums #6: Nevermind
402015-07-18Longest Rivers
382015-01-14Demonyms #2
372015-02-01Tracks on Albums #11: Led Zeppelin
372015-02-01Tracks on Albums #12: Led Zeppelin II
362015-02-13British Overseas Territories
362015-12-02Countries with a city larger than their capital
362015-02-01Tracks on Albums #8: Purple Rain
342015-01-07The First World War - Aftermath
342015-02-01Tracks on Albums #19: Rumours
342015-01-07The First World War by year - 1918
322015-02-01Tracks on Albums #4: London Calling
322015-01-14Tracks on Albums #3: Hotel California
322015-01-10Countries with the highest population density
282015-02-01Tracks on Albums #7: Thriller
272015-01-15Most Popular Websites
252015-01-10The United States by Dates
252015-04-22Countries Bordering Multiple Oceans
242015-02-01Tracks on Albums #20: Automatic for the People
232015-01-07The First World War by year - 1917
212015-01-12Banknotes of the Pound Sterling (£)
192015-02-01Tracks on Album #16: ...And Justice for All
192015-02-01Track on Albums #13: Led Zeppelin III
162015-01-07Most deadly volcanic eruptions
142015-01-17The European Union Blitz
42015-02-01Tracks on Albums #5: Forever Halloween
42015-09-28Trainspotting "Choose your future" Lyrics
42015-02-01Tracks on Albums #10: Second Coming