The First World War by year - 1918

The final year of World War One crippled armies, broke empires and reshaped continents - but can you name the specifics?
This quiz does not cover every event during wartime 1918, only some key aspects
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Last updated: January 7, 2015
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8th January
This president of the United States outlines his "Fourteen Points"
Woodrow Wilson
21st February
The British capture this Middle Eastern city after a 2-day assault
21st February
Germans capture the capital of what is now Belarus
25th February
German troops capture this modern-day Baltic state
2nd March
German troops capture the capital of modern-day Ukraine
23rd March
Artillery bombardment of this Allied city lasts until August
1st April
This branch in the armed forces is founded by combining the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
7th May
This treaty between Romania and Central Powers was never ratified
Treaty of Bucharest
21st May
The Ottomans invade this Caucasian nation
8th June
Germany begins to interfere with countries in this Eastern European region
15th July
The battle that would be the last German offensive on the Western Front initiates
Second Battle of the Marne
17th July
The Tsar of Russia and his family were shot by this group in the morning
8th August
The last offensive on the Western Front begins
The Hundred Days Offensive
26th August
The Battle of Baku was the last offence staged by this belligerent
Ottoman Empire
14th September
The Vardar Offensive was the final offensive on this front
Balkan Front
15th September
The Allies break through the lines of the army of this country
19th September
The Battle of Megiddo results in the British conquering this region
26th September
This army of this country enters Syria
The United Kingdom
30th September
This nation signs an armistice with the Allies
20th October
Germany, for the final time, suspends this branch of warfare
Submarine Warfare
30th October
This state signs the Armistice of Mudros
Ottoman Empire
3rd November
Alongside Austria-Hungary, this country signs the armistice
9th November
This emperor abdicates his rule, a republic is proclaimed for the corresponding country
Kaiser Wilhelm II
10th November
Kaiser Charles I abdicates his rule from this country
11th November
Germany signs the Armistice of Compiegne, fighting ends at this time
11 o'clock AM
11th November
This country is claimed in place of what was eastern territory of the German Empire
12th November
This country is proclaimed a republic
14th November
This country is proclaimed a republic
14th November
Fighting ends in this theatre of war
East Africa
22nd November
The Germans evacuate from this Western European country
25th November
General von Lettow-Vorbeck formally surrenders his undefeated army at Abercorn in this present day African country
27th November
The Germans evacuate from this Western European country
1st December
The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is proclaimed, but is better known by this name, officially changed in 1929
Level 83
Jan 7, 2015
Great quiz! One quibble: "The Ottomans invade this Balkan nation" The answer is a country that's not in the Balkans. Maybe you meant Caucasian nation?
Level 32
Jan 7, 2015
Thanks! Youre very correct! I did mean Caucasian, all fixed now :)
Level 75
Mar 4, 2017
It's CAUCASUS - the spelling in the answer is not even an alternative!