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1,9042022-08-28Largest Terrestrial Animal by Country (with Map)
1,1662021-11-09Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of Europe #1
8772021-11-15Former Nations and Civilisations on a World Map #1
5672021-02-02History Quiz: Which Came First? #1
4642021-06-09Witcher Nations Map Quiz
3512021-11-20History Quiz: True or False? #1
3272021-01-19Ancient Cities - Map Quiz
2092021-02-28Former Nations and Civilisations on a World Map #2
2042021-06-09Witcher Locations Map Quiz
2012022-04-19Ancient Greek Cities - Map Quiz
1962021-11-15Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of Europe #2
1922021-08-11Birthplaces of Roman and Byzantine Emperors
1742020-05-06History Quiz: Art
1722021-11-15Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of Asia #1
1642020-02-12Materials from History
1622021-01-21Medieval Cities - Map Quiz
1612021-11-20Extinct Animals True or False
1492020-04-08Cropped Rock/Metal Band Logos
1492020-03-15Geography of The Witcher
1332021-01-06British Comedy Shows #1
1242021-07-29Every Country with Active Volcanoes
1142020-11-03Largest Empires in History: Top 20
1132020-12-06History Quiz: Samurai
1122022-04-19Language Groups of Africa - Map Quiz
1122021-11-15Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of North America
1102021-09-21Country by Landscape #1
1062021-06-28Provinces of Japan Map Quiz
1032021-06-03Name a Valid Empire
1022020-12-20Largest Animal by Taxonomic Rank
972021-06-02Westeros & Essos Locations Map Quiz
952020-02-20History Quiz: Groups of Things #1
932020-03-24Give a Valid Rock/Metal Answer
932020-03-14Natural Disasters Multiple Choice
902021-09-04Iron Age Languages of Italy and Croatia - Map Quiz
902021-10-31Language Groups of South Asia - Map Quiz
862021-01-24Country In Its Own Language - Map Quiz
832020-10-08Capitals of Historical Nations
822021-02-05Historical Nation by Capital - Map Quiz
802021-11-20History Quiz: True or False? #3
792020-02-22History Quiz: Vikings
782020-11-01History Quiz: The Silk Road
782020-11-05Piece of Literature to Original Language
762020-12-29Country by Autonomous Region
742022-09-26Birth Years Click Quiz - France
742020-10-21Cities in Paintings
732022-09-17Birth Years Click Quiz - 1500 to 1800
722022-04-09Historical Figure by Initials, Dates and Clue
722020-10-01Name a Valid Modern Capital (Based On Its History)
722020-09-08European Geography Multiple Choice #1
712021-11-15Former Nations and Civilisations on a Map of Asia #2
712020-12-04History Quiz: Groups of Things #3
682020-11-10Famous Events in Photos
682020-10-29Famous Events in Paintings
672020-03-19Deadliest Modern Wars
672021-04-29Countries by Largest City, In Order (World, with Continents)
672021-11-27European Country by History
672020-02-20History Quiz: Groups of Things #2
652020-10-13City by Building (Easy Version)
642020-08-26History Quiz: Science
642022-04-09Ancient Civilisations, Kingdoms and Tribal Confederations
632021-08-28Ancient Greek Dialects - Map Quiz
632022-09-18Birth Years Click Quiz - 1800 to 2000
632021-01-04History Quiz: Disease and Medicine
632020-02-28History Quiz: Prehistory
622020-03-09History Quiz: Ethnicity
612020-08-10Longest-living Animals
612021-02-02Historical Events - Map Quiz
602021-05-01Countries by Largest City, In Order (Asia)
602021-10-27Most Besieged Cities Throughout History
582020-01-02Rock/Metal Bands with Animals in their Names
582021-10-14Countries by Largest Olympic Stadium
572020-11-10Rock/Metal Band by Picture
572021-04-30Countries by Largest City, In Order (Europe)
562021-10-10Provinces of Greater Armenia - Map Quiz
562020-02-20City by Cathedral
562021-05-01Countries by Largest City, In Order (Africa)
552021-08-05Metal Subgenres by Bands
552021-10-05Provinces of the Yuan Dynasty in 1330 - Map Quiz
552021-11-20History Quiz: True or False? #2
542022-09-17Birth Years Click Quiz - 500 to 1500
522022-09-20Birth Years Click Quiz - England
522021-11-10Countries by Largest Swimming Pool
512020-10-22Historical Kingdom by Capital and Ruler
502021-09-08History Quiz: Geography #2
502020-12-14Which City is Older? #1
502020-12-29European Geography Multiple Choice #2
492022-09-22Birth Years Click Quiz - United States
492020-03-21Longest Mountain Chains
492021-01-18Medieval Battles - Map Quiz
482020-01-08Rock/Metal Bands/Artists Who Released the Most Studio Albums
482020-07-18Type of Building by Silhouette
472020-09-21Prehistoric Creature by Picture #1
472020-02-14Rock/Metal Vocalist to Band
462020-12-05Rock/Metal Musician to Instrument #1
462021-10-27Most Besieged Cities Throughout History (with Countries)
462022-09-20Birth Years Click Quiz - Scotland
452021-07-07History Quiz: Where...?
452022-09-16Birth Years Click Quiz - Before 500 AD
442021-03-10Hanseatic League: Modern Countries
442020-02-22UK City by Cathedral
442020-09-28Valid Animal by Ability
442020-11-01History Quiz: Languages
442021-12-06African Country by History
442021-07-22Countries by Tallest Waterfall
442021-10-14Countries by Longest Railway Tunnel
442021-05-01Countries by Largest City, In Order (South America)
432020-11-06Modern Cities by History (Tile Select) #1
432020-02-13Medieval Rulers
432021-01-27Where They Died - Map Quiz
422020-09-22Prehistoric Creature by Picture #2
422021-09-21Country by Landscape #3
422019-12-22Unusual Prehistoric Creatures
402020-10-28Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (Top 20)
402022-09-24Birth Years Click Quiz - Ireland
402020-10-06First Person To...
402021-01-17Ancient Battles - Map Quiz
402022-02-17Countries by Largest Shopping Mall
402021-09-21Country by Landscape #2
392022-02-09Birthplaces of Ancient Greeks - Map Quiz
382021-05-01Countries by Largest City, In Order (Oceania)
382022-03-17History Quiz: Did They Meet?
382021-07-07History Quiz: What...?
372021-09-21Country by Landscape #5
372021-09-01History Quiz: Warfare
362021-07-22Countries by Largest Art Museum
362021-10-21Countries by Tallest Hotel
362020-02-25German City by Cathedral or Church
362021-05-01Countries by Largest City, In Order (North America)
352021-12-03Asian Country by History
352021-09-08History Quiz: A, B, C or All of the Above
352021-07-26Countries by Largest Lake
352020-10-26Capitals of Historical Nations (Difficult)
352021-06-16Capitals of the Mongol Empire and Khanates (with Map)
352020-12-20Crocodilian by Picture
342020-03-28Rock/Metal Bands Named After Things
342020-03-11Oldest Capital City per Continent
342021-04-06Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Europe, Top 30)
342020-07-17Animal, Plant or Fungus?
342021-05-04Cities Visited by Ibn Battuta on a Map
332020-10-29History Quiz: Empires
332020-10-06Animal Body Parts
332020-12-09Historical Nation by Leader (Picture Quiz)
332022-01-27Countries by Largest Library
332022-01-20British Birds of Prey (Picture Quiz)
332020-10-19Disease by Picture
322021-10-07Countries by Oldest Hotel
322022-09-26Birth Years Click Quiz - Germany
322021-11-11Ancient City by Letter
322021-03-11Hanseatic League: Cities (Members Only)
322021-06-24Ancient Egyptian Cities Map Quiz
322021-09-01British County by Picture
322021-07-22Countries by Largest Hindu Temple
322021-09-08History Quiz: Buildings
312021-09-08History Quiz: Geography #1
312021-09-10Countries by Oldest Building
312021-11-20History Quiz: True or False? #4
312020-02-12Ancient Rulers
312020-02-15Heavy Rock/Metal Song Antonyms
312021-10-11Countries by Tallest Lighthouse
312021-10-07Countries by Largest City Square
312021-11-22History Quiz: True or False? #5
312020-10-13City by Building (Intermediate Version)
312021-01-14Historic Sites Map Quiz #1
312021-07-02Capitals of the Heptarchy (with Map)
312021-07-26Most Buddhist Countries (That Aren't Primarily Buddhist)
312020-12-14Which City is Older? #2
312021-07-21Countries by Largest Church
312021-03-20Animals of Britain (Picture Quiz) #1
312020-08-06Geographical Records by Country
302020-02-15Rock/Metal Guitarist to Band
302020-10-16Historical Figure by Eye
302021-10-10Countries by Largest Hospital
302021-04-13Astronomy by Picture Multiple Choice
302022-05-16Countries by Longest Metro System
302021-10-07Countries by Largest University
302020-11-28Actor Names by Clues #1
302021-09-08History Quiz: Cradles of Civilisation
292020-03-19Deadliest Medieval Wars
292020-11-14History Quiz: Odd One Out #1
292020-11-27Mythological Figure to Mythology
282021-07-07History Quiz: Which...?
282020-09-08Shared Surnames #1
282020-07-09Unusual Deaths from History
282021-12-10American Country by History
282021-10-07Countries by Tallest Residential Building
282021-10-14German Castles and Palaces - Map Quiz
272021-07-22Countries by Largest Urban Park
272021-06-26Ancient City by Building
272021-08-06Primates Multiple Choice
272020-12-02Historical City by Picture
272021-07-07History Quiz: When...?
272020-02-20City by Buddhist Temple
272022-02-16Country by Historical Image #1
272020-10-27Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (1792 Version)
272020-06-08Location: Real or Fictional?
272020-05-18Name a Valid Leader
262021-10-16Countries by Tallest Tower
262021-10-14Countries by Highest Volcano
262020-12-19Lizard by Picture
262020-05-09Empire by Capital and Ruler
262021-10-08English Counties by Population
262021-06-16Valid Roman Emperor A-Z
252021-05-19History Quiz: Dates
252021-07-22Countries by Longest Cave System
252021-01-18Modern Battles - Map Quiz
252022-04-18Viking Settlements - Map Quiz
252021-07-26Countries by Highest Bridge
252020-11-27History Quiz: Pirates
242021-06-16Maya Cities Map Quiz
242021-04-05Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Top 30, With Countries)
242022-01-13History Quiz: Did the Vikings Raid It?
242021-07-22Countries by Tallest Clock Tower
242021-01-31City by Picture (Multiple Choice) #2
242021-07-26Countries by Largest Palace
242021-02-04Former Nation by Symbol (Multiple Choice)
242021-01-08Animal by Mouth #1
242020-11-20History Quiz: Odd One Out #2
242021-12-14History Quiz: Which City? #1
232021-10-05Capitals in 1800 AD
232021-10-04Capitals in 1500 AD
232020-10-27Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (Full Version)
232022-05-02Classical Languages
232020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 21st to 40th
232020-12-04Creatures from English and Scottish Folklore
232022-01-15Norse Mythology by Picture
232020-12-13Rock/Metal Band by Lyric #1
232022-01-06Country by Historical Site - Map Quiz
232021-12-15History Quiz: Which City? #2
232020-03-19Deadliest Ancient Wars
232021-05-13Country by Skyscraper (Picture Quiz) #1
222020-08-27Birth Name or Nickname? #1
222020-11-06Civilisation by Ruin
222020-12-05Religion by Clue #1
222020-02-08Name the Weapon
222021-01-24Prehistoric Sites of Europe - Map Quiz
222021-01-24Historical Figure by Related Image
222020-05-23Rock/Metal Vocalist to Band #2
222020-12-24Game of Thrones Location by Clue #1
222021-07-07History Quiz: Why...?
222020-12-01Country by Coast (Picture Quiz) #1
222021-07-27Did These Nations Speak Sanskrit?
212021-01-20Where Metal Bands Formed - Map Quiz
212021-08-25Ancient Cities of Anatolia and the Caucasus (Map Quiz)
212020-02-20City by Mosque
212020-08-07Palace, Castle or Mansion to Country
212021-07-29Largest Rodents
212021-07-21Countries by Tallest Statue
212020-01-03Actors in The X-Files Famous for Other Roles
212021-02-11Filming Locations on a Map - Films
212020-12-20Rodent by Picture
212020-02-12Fictional/Mythological Places
212021-10-07Countries by Largest Hotel
202021-03-12Hanseatic League: Cities (Members and Kontore)
202020-09-15Invertebrates Quiz
202021-02-06Rulers of Westeros (Full Version)
202020-10-01Ancient City by Clue
202020-02-18Ruling Dynasty by Symbol
202021-09-21Country by Landscape #4
202022-04-18Bears by Size
202020-12-17Oldest City by Country
202021-08-04Related History Questions #1
202020-10-05Ancient Symbols Picture Quiz
202020-12-30Animals by Type (Tile Select) #1
192020-03-26Natural Disaster Records
192021-04-11History Quiz: Which Nation Controlled It? #1
192021-01-20Structures - Map Quiz
192021-07-07History Quiz: Who...?
192022-04-15Countries of the Eurasian Steppe
192020-06-25Skyrim Races
192022-02-18History Word Search #2
192020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 41st to 60th
192019-12-28Fastest Things per Type
192019-12-27Type of Warrior to Country or Empire
182020-10-05Childhood Homes of Historical Figures (Picture Quiz)
182021-04-06Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Europe, Top 50, Countries)
182021-10-21Countries by Tallest Chimney
182021-01-27Leader by Picture (Multiple Choice)
182021-10-07Countries by Longest Runway
182020-06-19Complete the Metal Album Name
182019-12-22Metal Song to Band
182022-07-24Metal Band Members
182020-03-11Leaders in Paintings
172021-07-22Countries by Tallest Minaret
172022-02-13Rivers Formed By Confluences
172022-01-30Etruscan Cities by Modern Population
172020-05-11History Quiz: How...?
172019-12-24Name the Animal
172019-12-24Rock Song to Band
172020-12-31City Where They Died #1
172021-01-14Historic Sites Map Quiz #2
172021-03-21Animals of Britain (Picture Quiz) #2
172022-03-04Volcanoes - Multiple Choice Quiz
172020-12-06Statues Picture Quiz
162021-01-09Bird by Wing
162021-10-08Countries by Largest Office Building
162020-04-07Capital Cities Multiple Choice
162021-06-11Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Professions
162021-01-07Mammal by Ear #1
162021-01-21Historical City by Picture (Multiple Choice)
162020-05-23Two Facts, One Lie
162021-04-13Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Asia, Top 30)
162022-02-01History Quiz: Which Came First? #2
162021-01-18Early Modern Battles - Map Quiz
162021-08-24Phoenician and Punic Cities Map Quiz
162020-01-17Medieval Travellers
162020-12-21Bovid by Picture
152020-06-06Films to Video Games
152021-06-25Mesopotamian Cities Map Quiz
152021-08-07Chinese Dynasty by Picture
152020-02-14Modern Rulers
152022-02-27Pirate by Birthplace - Map Quiz
152020-12-14Rock/Metal Band by Lyric #2
152020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (Iron Throne Version)
152019-12-25Type of Building or Structure
152021-12-20Christmas Desserts and Sweets - SVG Quiz
152021-10-08Countries by Tallest Dam
152020-03-22Deadliest Earthquakes
152021-07-28Which Nation Lasted Longer? (Multiple Choice)
152021-01-24City by Picture (Multiple Choice) #1
152022-02-13Fish True or False
152021-10-26Countries by Deepest Cave
152019-12-27Architectural Styles
152021-05-14Country by Historical Building (Picture Quiz) #1
152020-07-05Religious Locations (Multiple Choice)
152022-02-25Country by Historical Image #3
152021-03-18Historical Ruler by Reign and Clue
142020-12-02Legendary Aquatic Creatures (Picture Quiz)
142020-12-30Artist by Clue #1
142021-04-04Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Top 50, With Countries)
142020-01-08Fictional Races/Humanoids
142021-10-17Countries by Tallest Ferris Wheel
142020-04-04Country by Tower
142021-10-21Countries by Tallest Twin Buildings
142019-12-28Forms of Writing
142020-12-01Country by Coast (Picture Quiz) #2
142021-04-29Countries by Largest City, In Order (World)
142020-03-09Name the Animal #3
142020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 61st to 80th
142020-08-04Building Records by Country
142020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 81st to 100th
142021-10-07Countries by Building with Most Floor Space
142020-02-21City by Synagogue
142021-12-11Oceanian Country by History
142021-10-08Countries by Longest Building
142020-01-13Fictional Religions
142020-10-13City by Building (Hard Version)
132020-10-26Wetlands Quiz
132021-11-12Ancient Figure by Letter
132021-03-21Archipelago by Picture
132021-08-07Crusader Castles Map Quiz
132020-02-06Building to Architect
132022-01-24Ancient Cities Chain Quiz
132022-03-27Rivers - Multiple Choice Quiz
132021-01-04City by Wall
132021-07-31Famous Samurai
132019-12-23Name the Ruins
132020-09-08Video Game Villains
132021-06-11Guess the Company
132020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (The North)
132021-07-29River by Historical Name
132020-02-18Musician or Sportsperson
132021-08-29Real Cities in Doctor Who (Original Series)
122021-01-11Mountain Range by Picture
122020-11-26Famous Natural Landform by Cropped Image
122020-02-16Deity by Picture
122022-02-21Country by Historical Image #2
122020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 101st to 120th
122022-01-14City by Gate (Picture Quiz)
122020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 121st to 137th
122021-08-03Subdivision by Landscape #1
122021-11-01Countries by Largest Solar Park
122022-02-11Roman Buildings and Structures - Map Quiz
122021-04-04Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Top 50)
122021-04-13Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Asia, Top 50, Countries)
112020-05-02City by Palace or Mansion
112020-08-06Historical Texts
112020-05-09War by Clue
112021-11-01Countries by Largest Onshore Wind Farm
112021-10-09Medieval Cities of the Swahili Coast - Map Quiz
112022-04-29Largest City by History
112020-02-22City by Miscellaneous Religious Building
112021-07-28Deep Sea Creature by Picture
112022-03-01Deserts - Multiple Choice Quiz
112021-06-19Greek God by Statue
112022-04-20Wild Cats Multiple Choice
112020-11-29Rituals and Traditions Throughout History
102021-04-06Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Europe, Top 30, Countries)
102020-02-22City by Government Building
102022-02-20History Word Search #1
102021-04-02Building by Country (Multiple Choice) #1
102019-12-28Artwork to Civilisation/Culture
102021-09-30Iron Age Tribes of Britain - Map Quiz
102020-02-18Video Game by Protagonist
102020-05-21Country by City #1
102020-01-18Name the Mountain
102019-12-28Guess the Former Country/Empire from the Building/Structure
102022-03-13Fantasy Word Search - Lord of the Rings
102021-09-10Countries Divided Into Parishes
92021-03-21Civilisation or Culture by Artefact
92020-11-23Occupations of Historical Figures (Multiple Choice)
92020-02-14Landmark to Country
92021-03-27Fast Picture Quiz - Cities #1
92021-03-26Fast Picture Quiz - Animals #1
92020-12-18Greek Hero by Picture
92020-08-20Religious Site by Clue
92022-05-14Pre-1492 Settlements in the Americas - Map Quiz
92021-03-27Fantasy Quiz
92022-02-03Cities Featured in The X-Files
92022-03-02Mountains - Multiple Choice Quiz
92020-05-07City by Public Space
82022-02-11Pirate Havens - Map Quiz
82022-01-06Country by Historical Site - Map Quiz (Randomised Version)
82021-10-03Capitals in 1500 BC
82022-01-26Ancient and Medieval Burial Sites - Map Quiz
82021-04-06Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Europe, Top 50)
82021-03-03Albums of Hard Rock and Metal Bands #1
82020-03-15Cropped Planets
82020-12-30Festival or Tradition by Picture
82021-10-07Countries by Largest Reservoir
82020-12-18Legendary Hero by Picture
82020-02-21City by Hindu Temple
72020-03-09Name the Animal #2
72020-07-25City by Fortification
72021-07-28Prehistoric Fish by Picture
72020-11-02Video Game Characters beginning with M
72021-08-08Indian Forts Map Quiz
72021-01-11Desert by Picture
72020-01-09Types of Watercraft
72020-05-01City by Library
72020-05-07City by Frank Lloyd Wright Building
72021-08-09Historical South-East Asian Cities
72020-01-08Weird Rock/Metal Song to Band
62021-04-13Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Asia, Top 30, Countries)
62020-02-24City by Pagoda
62021-01-12History Quiz: Transport
62021-04-04Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Top 30)
62020-06-19Complete the Metal Album Name #2
62020-03-11Cropped Buildings
62021-02-08National Parks - Map Quiz
62021-06-12Cathedral Floor Plan SVG Quiz
62021-12-19Historical Figures by Profession (Tile Select)
62021-08-29Real Cities in Doctor Who (Revival Series)
62021-10-31Halloween and Horror SVG Quiz
62021-08-06Related History Questions #2
62021-07-31Roman Client States
62020-01-19Ancient Objects
62019-12-29Name the Creators of these Works
62021-10-03Indus Valley Civilisation Sites - Map Quiz
52020-04-17Building by Clue
52020-10-28Order by Picture (Animals)
52020-04-06City to Continent
52022-02-13Previous Leader
52021-10-13Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean Sites - Map Quiz
52020-05-22Country by City #2
52021-10-26Build the Castle (SVG Quiz)
52020-12-15Members of the Holy Leagues
52022-04-17Lake by Picture
52020-07-15Famous Fighters
52021-04-13Oldest and Most Populous Cities (Asia, Top 50)
52022-02-13Conservation Status Multiple Choice
52021-08-29Real Cities in Doctor Who (Full Version)
42022-04-09Greek City-State by Leader
42021-08-06Diarchies Quiz
42019-12-25Name the Plant
42022-04-18Historical Capitals in India - Map Quiz
42020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (The Westerlands)
32020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (Dorne)
32019-12-28Name the Building
32020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (Dragonstone)
22020-04-04Rock/Metal Band by Song and Year
22020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (The Stormlands)
12021-11-16Commanderies of the Qin Dynasty - Map Quiz
12020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (The Reach)
02020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (Iron Islands)
02020-12-23Rulers of Westeros (The Vale)
02020-10-28Order by Picture (Plants)