Creatures from English and Scottish Folklore

Guess these mythological creatures and cryptids from England and Scotland, based on the descriptions.
These creatures often have variants or different names in different folklores, so for instance, a creature placed in the English group may also have Scottish or other variants. As such, other names and variants are accepted as type-ins.
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Last updated: December 4, 2020
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A spirit of the hearth that looks like a small hairy man. They help out around the home but also play practical jokes.
A giant worm (dragon), told of in a legend set around the River Wear in North East England.
Lambton Worm
An entity that appears in the form of a large dark canine, typically with glowing eyes. Often regarded as a portent of death.
Black dog
Small creatures that cause malfunctions in machinery.
Type of animal that the Beast of Bodmin Moor and the Beast of Exmoor are said to look like.
Big cat
Small, large-headed and long-armed creature that commits random mischief in mines.
Creatures that dwell underwater, which grab and drown children that get too close. The name of the creature is thought to be connected to Grendel.
A fairy or ghost that inhabits mines and appears as a small blue flame.
A blue-faced hag with iron claws, said to haved lived in a cave in Dane Hills, Leicestershire. She would feed on lambs and children.
Black Annis
Small beings which inhabit sites such as stone circles and dolmen. They are generally benign and are fond of dancing.
A female omen of death, seen cleaning blood off of clothes.
A long-necked aquatic creature said to dwell in a particular loch.
Loch Ness Monster
A shape-shifting spirit that can take on a horselike or a human appearance.
A fairy creature which resembles a large black cat with a white spot on its chest, said to inhabit the Scottish Highlands.
Cat Sìth
Small household spirits which perform various chores and farming tasks while the owners of the house are asleep.
A type of malevolent goblin which lives in ruined castles along the Anglo-Scottish border and is known for soaking its hat in blood.
A humanoid wolf creature from the folklore of the Shetland Islands.
An aquatic race from the folklore of the Orkney Islands who kidnap people near the shore.
Another creature from the Orkney Islands, this one is sea creature that appears as a horse-human hybrid when on land. It has no skin and the horse's mouth produces toxic vapour.
Beings that can change from a seal to a human by shedding their skin.
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