Halloween and Horror SVG Quiz

Guess the answers to these questions about horror, Halloween and beasts from mythology. Each correct answers reveals one part of the image.
Quiz by MaxStickies
Last updated: October 31, 2021
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Which 1922 film was an unauthorised and unofficial adaptation of the novel Dracula?
Which mythical creature from Japan has been depicted as a large bird and as a humanoid figure with a long nose?
Which type of winged dragon is bipedal?
The word "zombi" comes from which country?
Where is the custom of making jack-o'-lanterns at Halloween thought to have originated?
Which author wrote the novels "The Stand", "'Salem's Lot" and "Dreamcatcher"?
Stephen King
Yacumama is a giant mythical serpent said to live in which forest?
Amazon Rainforest
The celebrations for which Gaelic festival begin on the 31st October?
The Whowie and yowie are legendary creatures from the folklore of which country?
Who directed Halloween, The Thing and They Live?
John Carpenter
Who wrote the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Robert Louis Stevenson
The word "ghoul" is based on a word from which language?
Which undead creatures from Norse mythology often guard the treasure they were buried with?
Which TV show featured creatures such as the Flukeman and Eugene Victor Tooms?
The X-Files
Which creatures originating in the mythologies of south Asia are half human, half snake?
In which country does Victor Frankenstein live when he creates the monster, in Mary Shelley's novel?
Which Halloween tradition, similar to trick-or-treating and dating back to the 16th century, involves people dressing up, going house to house and putting on a small performance in exchange for treats?
Which two films from 1960, one made in the UK and the other in the US, are often considered to be early slasher films (name either)?
Peeping Tom | Psycho
The Hecatoncheires, from Greek mythology, were three giants. They each had fifty heads, as well as one hundred of which body part?
Which American writer and poet, whose works have influenced various horror writers, died at the age of 40 on 7th October 1849 under mysterious circumstances?
Edgar Allan Poe
What name is given to the group of evil extra-dimensional beings in the Hellraiser franchise?
Which major holiday is celebrated on the 31st October in Mexico?
Day of the Dead
Which type of ghost typically causes physical disturbances, such as moving objects or making loud noises?
Gashadokuro are spirits in Japanese folklore that resemble giant versions of what?
Who wrote the horror story The Signal-Man in the 1860s?
Charles Dickens
Where was the heaviest pumpkin ever measured grown?
Which mythical creature from Irish folklore is a type of headless horseman?
Which horror character wears a glove with razors attached to it?
Freddy Krueger
Which legendary creature from the folklore of the First Nations is characterised by insatiable hunger and cannibalism?
Who is the author of the Goosebumps novels?
R. L. Stine
What alternative name for Halloween doesn't contain the word "hallow"?
All Saints' Eve
What is the name of the mummy in the 1932 and 1999 versions of The Mummy?
What name is given to the shadowy spirit of a dead person living in the underworld, in Greek and Roman mythology?
Jack-o'-lantern is one of the many names given to what phenomenon?
The novella At the Mountains of Madness is set in which part of the world?
What is the name of the giant terrestrial beast created at the beginning of creation in the Hebrew and Christian bibles?
Which artist designed the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise?
H.R. Giger
Which monstrous son of Gaia and Tartarus in Greek mythology attempted to overthrow Zeus?
Who is said to appear in a mirror if you say their name repeatedly?
Bloody Mary
Which novel, in addition to the subsequent 2018 TV series, is a fictionalised account of a lost 1840s expedition to locate the Northwest Passage?
The Terror
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