History Quiz: Cradles of Civilisation

Guess the correct answers to these questions about or relating to the cradles of civilisation.
Quiz by MaxStickies
Last updated: September 8, 2021
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1. Which of these is not usually considered to be the location of one of the cradles of civilisation?
Andean Coast
North China Plain
Indo-Gangetic Plain
The other three are the Tigris–Euphrates Valley, the Nile Valley and the Mesoamerican Gulf Coast.
2. Which pharaoh was said to have united Upper and Lower Egypt?
Many Egyptologists believe that Menes was the pharaoh Narmer, due to the lack of evidence of the former's existence. The other three were, like Narmer, pharaohs of the First Dynasty.
3. Which empire conquered Sumer?
Akkadian Empire
Babylonian Empire
Elamite Empire
Assyrian Empire
The empire is sometimes considered to be the first in history.
4. What is significant about the Indus Valley Civilisation city Lothal?
It was built by people from Mesopotamia
It is the oldest known Indus Valley Civilisation site
It contained one of the earliest known docks
It was the only city of the civilisation to have a ruler
The oldest known docks were those discovered at Wadi al-Jarf in Egypt. The dock at Lothal was, however, the earliest known dock equipped to berth and service ships.
5. Where does the name of the oldest-known civilisation in the Americas, the Caral Civilisation, come from?
A geoglyph
A city
A river
A mountain
The city is the most ancient found in the Americas. It is believed to have been the model for the urban design used by later civilisations, and artefacts found there include musical instruments and a quipu.
6. Early civilisations in China include those around the Yellow River, Yangtze and which other river?
Liao River
Huai River
Songhua River
Pit houses, graves and temples have been discovered in the area, which belonged to the civilisation.
7. Which of these is the oldest pyramid in Egypt?
Bent Pyramid
Pyramid of Khufu
Pyramid of Djoser
Red Pyramid
Beforehand, pharaohs and the social elite were buried in mastabas.
8. Some Olmec sculptures depict were-jaguars.
The sculptures feature almond-shaped eyes, a downturned open mouth, and a cleft head.
9. Which of these Mesopotamian cities was founded first?
It was founded around 5400 BC. Uruk was founded in the 4th millennium BC, Ur was founded c. 3800 BC and Lagash was founded in the 3rd millennium BC.
10. What did the Caral Civilisation lack?
Archaeologists have also been unable to find any examples of visual art.
11. What would a jue be used for in ancient China?
Holding up rooves
Lighting fires
Serving warm wine
Cultivating rice
The wine would be served during ancestor-worship ceremonies.
12. Which of these Indus Valley sites is the largest?
The site covers 250 hectares. Harappa covers 150 hectares, Ganweriwal covers 81.5 hectares and Dholavira covers 47 hectares. The pre-Indus Valley settlement Rakhigarhi, which later became an Indus Valley city, covers 350 hectares.
13. The Egyptian city known as Shedet was the most significant centre of the cult of which god?
For this reason, the city was given the Latin name Crocodīlopolis. The city was home to a temple that housed a tamed sacred crocodile known as Petsuchos in Koine Greek.
14. Sumerian was a Semitic language.
It was a language isolate. Akkadian, which replaced Sumerian as the main spoken language of Mesopotamia (Sumerian lived on as a sacred language), was an East Semitic language.
15. Which of these sites was an Olmec city?
El Tajín
Mixco Viejo
Monte Albán
La Venta
La Venta was the second major Olmec site, after San Lorenzo. Mixco Viejo was a Maya city, Monte Albán was the first Zapotec capital and El Tajín was part of the Classic Veracruz culture.
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