History Quiz: Dates

Guess the answers to these questions about certain dates throughout history.
Quiz by MaxStickies
Last updated: May 19, 2021
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1. Which of these people did not die during the same year as the Great Fire of London?
Shah Jahan
René Descartes
Carlo de' Medici
Shah Jahan died on 22nd January 1666, and Carlo de' Medici died on 17th June. René Descartes died on 11th February 1650.
2. The Battle of the Somme lasted from 1st July to 18th November of which year?
It was one of the bloodiest battles in human history.
3. Cyrus the Great defeated Croesus during what year?
696 BC
716 BC
546 BC
Some versions of what happened afterwards state that he was to be killed on a pyre. He begged the gods to spare his life when the pyre was lit, and it began to rain. So impressed was Cyrus that he made him his advisor.
4. London was founded during which year?
47 AD
960 AD
453 AD
It was founded by the Romans, as Londinium.
5. In what year was the Roanoke Colony found to be abandoned?
It is still not known what happened there.
6. When did Albert Einstein publish his general theory of relativity?
It is the geometric theory of gravitation, meaning it provides a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of spacetime.
7. The first pyramid of Ancient Egypt was built during which century?
31st Century BC
27th Century BC
29th Century BC
It was built for the pharaoh Djoser by his vizier Imhotep. It was based on the mastaba, which served as tombs for Egyptian rulers beforehand, though instead of one it was designed as several, one on top of the other (giving the pyramid its step appearance).
8. When was the Great Mosque of Djenné rebuilt?
The original mosque, build in either the 13th or 14th century, fell into disrepair after the Fulani leader Seku Amadu conquered Djenné in 1818 and built a new mosque nearby. In 1906, the French administration in the town arranged for the original mosque to be rebuilt and for a school to be built on the site of Seku Amadu's mosque.
9. Angkor Wat was built early in which century?
It was built under the Khmer King Suryavarman II. It was initially a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu, but it was gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple towards the end of the same century.
10. When did Harald Fairhair rule Norway?
According to sagas written three centuries after his lifetime, which means the dates may not be accurate. They remain, however, the only account of his reign.
11. When was Otto von Bismarck in office as chancellor of Germany?
21st March 1871 – 20th March 1890
18th May 1865 – 17th May 1884
3rd April 1880 – 2nd April 1899
He became the country's first chancellor after masterminding the unification of Germany on 18th January 1871.
12. When was the Qin dynasty established?
147 BC
221 BC
305 BC
This was after Qin Shi Huang, of the state of Qin, had conquered the lands of the Zhou dynasty and the other six of the Seven Warring States.
13. When did Michelangelo create David?
The statue is quite large, at 5.17 metres tall.
14. When did the policy of Sakoku ("closed country") end in Japan?
The Commodore of the United States Navy Matthew Perry forced Japan to open up to American trade during this year, through a series of treaties.
15. Most of the population of the Maya city of Tikal had abandoned the city by the end of which century?
This was a part of the Classic Maya collapse, which saw the decline of the Classic Maya civilisation and the abandonment of cities in the southern Maya lowlands.
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