History Quiz: Odd One Out #1

Guess which option is incorrect, based on the question.
Quiz by MaxStickies
Last updated: November 14, 2020
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1. Which of these historical figures was not a Roman emperor?
Lucius Verus
Draco was the first recorded legislator of ancient Athens. Otho's reign occured within the Year of the Four Emperors (69 AD; he only ruled for 3 months and one day), while Lucius Verus ruled from 7th March 161 to 23rd January 169. Aemilian's reign lasted between July and September of the year 253.
2. Which of these royals never became a monarch?
Franz Karl Joseph
Anna Ivanovna Romanova
Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte
George Augustus Frederick
Franz Karl Joseph was the son of a Holy Roman Emperor (Francis II) and the father of another (Franz Joseph I); he was, however, only an Archduke. George Augustus Frederick was a British king better known as George IV, while Napoleon III (Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte) was the last French monarch. Anna Ioannovna, or Anne of Russia, ruled as Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740.
3. Which of these battles did not take place during the Hundred Years' War?
Battle of Crécy
Battle of Les Avins
Battle of Castillon
Battle of La Rochelle
The Battle of Les Avins was the first major engagement of the Franco-Spanish War of 1635 to 1659, a conflict connected to the Thirty Years' War.
4. Which of these deities did the Maya not worship?
Kinich Ahau
The Aztecs worshipped Ixtlilton, a god of healing and medicine. In Maya religion, Itzamna was a creator god, Kinich Ahau was the sun god and Ixchel was the aged jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine.
5. Which of these Dutch East India Company sites was built on top of an existing settlement?
New Amsterdam
Fort de Goede Hoop
Fort Zeelandia
The Dutch had previously destroyed the city of Jayakarta before building Batavia on its ruins.
6. Which of these people was not Carthaginian?
Horace was a Roman poet during the time of Augustus. Hamilcar was a Carthaginian general who was the father of Hasdrubal as well as Hannibal, while Himilco was an explorer who travelled along the coasts of western Europe (up to the British Isles).
7. Which of these people was not a relative of the other three?
Indira Gandhi
Swarup Rani Nehru
Mohandas Gandhi
Jawaharlal Nehru
Swarup Rani Nehru was the mother of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, and he was the father of Indira Gandhi, the only female Prime Minister of India. Her husband, Feroze Gandhi, changed his surname from Ghandy to Gandhi after joining the Indian independence movement.
8. Which of these monarchs did not rule over Norway?
Harald Hardrada
Harald Bluetooth
Sweyn Forkbeard
Olof Skötkonung
Olof was King of Sweden from c. 980 to 1022. Harald Hardrada was King of Norway, while both Harald Bluetooh and Sweyn Forkbeard ruled over Denmark and Norway.
9. Which of these rulers of ancient Egypt was of Egyptian descent?
Shoshenq I
Sneferu was a pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, ruling c. 2600 BC. Semqen, who ruled sometime between 1649 BC and 1621 BC, was of Hyksos (a group probably from the Levant) ancestry. Shoshenq I (943–922 BC), founder of the 22nd Dynasty, was of Meshwesh (a Berber tribe) ancestry. Taharqa, of Nubian descent, ruled as both a pharaoh of the 25th Dynasty of Egypt and as qore (king) of the Kingdom of Kush.
10. Which of these cities has never been affected by a "Great Fire"?
New Orleans
There have been four Great Boston fires, in 1711,1760,1788 and 1872. There were two in New Orleans, the first in 1788 and the second in 1794. Only one occurred in Seattle, in 1889.
11. Which of these people was not a samurai?
Sanada Yukimura
Fujiwara no Takanobu
Kusunoki Masashige
Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Fujiwara no Takanobu was a portrait artist. His most notable work features Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate.
12. Which of these did not take place in Australia?
Hume and Hovell expedition
Rum Rebellion
Brunner Mine disaster
Victorian gold rush
The Brunner Mine disaster was an explosion on 26th March 1896, in the Brunner Mine on New Zealand's South Island.
13. Which of these Celtic tribes did not have territory in England?
The Caledonians were a tribe and a tribal confederacy in what is now Scotland. The Brigantes controlled a large area of modern Northern England, centred in what is now Yorkshire. The Dumnonii inhabited Dumnonia, an area which now consists of Devon and Cornwall, and the Iceni lived in present day Norfolk and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.
14. Which of these Sapa Inca was never a puppet ruler installed by the Spaniards?
Manco Inca Yupanqui
Paullu Inca
Túpac Huallpa
Huayna Capac
Huayna Capac was the third Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire and the eleventh of the Inca civilisation. He was also the father of the other three Sapa Incas mentioned here. Túpac Huallpa was installed by the Spanish in 1533 but died the same year. The Spanish then installed his brother Manco Inca Yupanqui; however, he managed to escape and went on to found the Neo-Inca State, which was independent from the Spanish. The Spanish subsequently installed Paullu Inca as Sapa Inca.
15. Which of these kings did not rule over the Achaemenid Empire?
Cyrus I
Artaxerxes IV
Darius III
Cambyses II
Cyrus I was King of Anshan (a city in Persia), and was also the grandfather of Cyrus II (the Great), who founded the Achaemenid Empire.
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