Related History Questions #1

The answer to each question has something to do with the following question.
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Pericles was the leader of which city-state?
Which city-state defeated the above in 404 BC?
Soldiers from that city-state fought against which empire during a battle in 480 BC?
Achaemenid Empire
Which leader conquered that empire in the 300s BC?
Alexander the Great
That king's final battle took place in which cultural region of the Indian subcontinent?
Which empire was established in that region several years later?
Maurya Empire
The third ruler of that empire famously converted to which religion?
That religion travelled extensively along which trade route?
Silk Road
Which empire at the western end of the trade route learnt how to make the material for which the route is named?
Byzantine Empire
What was the name of an elite unit of that empire's army, which mainly consisted of recruits from northern Europe?
Varangian Guard
Which future King of Norway served as a commander of that unit?
Harald Hardrada
At which battle was that king killed?
Battle of Stamford Bridge
Which king led the opposing side during that battle?
Harold Godwinson
During which battle was that king killed?
Battle of Hastings
And who was the victor of that battle?
William the Conqueror
The people that the above person belonged to had begun their conquest of which Mediterranean island several years earlier?
What was the state religion of the island for over two centuries prior to the invasion?
Which city is considered to be the centre of that religion?
Which famously wealthy ruler went on a pilgrimage to that city from 1324 to 1325?
Mansa Musa
Which Morrocan explorer visited the capital of that ruler's empire a few decades later?
Ibn Battuta
Previously, the explorer had visited Beijing, which at the time was the capital of which dynasty?
Yuan dynasty
The founder of that dynasty twice attempted to conquer another nation, but was thwarted both times by storms. Which nation was it?
Which co-founder of the Society of Jesus attempted to start a church in that country in the 16th century?
Francis Xavier
Within which former kingdom was that missionary born?
Kingdom of Navarre
That kingdom became part of which country within the missionary's lifetime?
That country founded a city in 1496, on the east bank of the Ozama River on which island?
Which country colonised the western third of the island in the 17th century?
Which city was founded, roughly 1957 miles north of the island, by an explorer from the above country in 1608?
Quebec City
A battle occurred here in 1775. Which war was the battle a part of?
American Revolutionary War
Who was the leader of the winning side of that war?
George Washington
Who then became the leader of which nation?
United States
Which empire sold its colonial possessions, located on the same continent as the above nation, to that nation in 1867?
Russian Empire
That empire fought against which other empire between 1877-1878?
Ottoman Empire
What act did that empire commit against various ethnic groups during the following century?
Which organisation established a treaty in 1948 that criminalised this act?
United Nations
In 1960, this organisation created a force that was deployed in which African country?
Republic of the Congo
By what name was this country known between 1971 and 1997?
Rebels from which nation invaded the country's southermost province from 1977 to 1978?
Which European country had controlled the nation two years prior to this?
Which city in Asia did this country control until 1999?
Which nearby city was controlled by another European country until 1997?
Hong Kong
Which disease caused 299 deaths in the above city in the early 2000s?
Which disease, similar to the above, is the cause of the current pandemic?
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