Statistics for Rituals and Traditions Throughout History

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Bacchanalia was a Roman festival dedicated to the god of what?Wine
The ancient Greek Olympic Games were held in honour of which god?Zeus
Which annual pilgrimage is based on a pilgrimage taken in 632, which was itself based on earlier pilgrimages?Hajj
What is the name of the ritual disembowelment committed by samurai so they could die with honour?Seppuku
Which African religion is the basis for other religions, which can be found in areas such as Haiti, Cuba and Louisiana?Vodun
The first commercially produced Christmas cards were created in which city?London
What ceremonial dance or challenge in Māori culture involves stamping of the feet along with shouting?Haka
Which temple, a place where a certain fighting style is taught, was founded on Mount Song in 495 AD?Shaolin Monastery
Where is the tradition of making jack-o-lanterns at Halloween time believed to have originated?Ireland
Events relating to which figure, a monstrous companion of Saint Nicholas, were prohibited in Austria for part of the 20th century?Krampus
What Sufi tradition, a form of physically active meditation, began in the 13th century?Whirling
A tzompantli was a rack built by Mesoamerican civilisations, which was used to display what?Skulls
What kind of heated hut is used in the traditional ceremonies of various Native American peoples?Sweat lodge
The Inca religious ceremony Inti Raymi occurred on what significant time of the year?Winter solstice
What naturally occurring mixture of salts did ancient Egyptians use to dry out bodies for mummification?Natron

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