Valid Animal by Ability

Based on abilities and other factors, name a valid animal.
Only including extant animals.
Only including animals other than humans.
Quiz by MaxStickies
Last updated: September 28, 2020
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Birds that can fly at or over 200 mph (321.869 km/h)
golden eagle | peregrine falcon
Mammals that lay eggs
echidna | platypus
Fish that can cause electric shocks
electric catfish | electric eel | electric ray | stargazers
Mammals that produce venom
European mole | platypus | shrew | slow loris | solenodon | vampire bat
Lizards that can expel salt (using salt glands)
mangrove monitor | marine iguana | rusty monitor
Sharks that are filter feeders
basking shark | megamouth shark | whale shark
Insects with a sting classed as Pain Level 4 on the Schmidt sting pain index (i.e. incredibly painful)
bullet ant | tarantula hawk | warrior wasp
Mammals that can dive to at least 2,250 metres
Cuvier's beaked whale | southern elephant seal | sperm whale
Animals that have passed the mirror test (an intelligence test)
Asian elephant | bluestreak cleaner wrasse | bonobo | Bornean orangutan | bottlenose dolphin | chimpanzee | Eurasian magpie | false killer whale | killer whale | pigeon
Fish that breathe air using lung-like organs
bichir | lungfish
Deer species that rut
elk | fallow deer | moose
Animals that photosynthesise or contain organisms that photosynthesise
blue dragon | coral | eastern emerald elysia | rhabdocoels | sap-sucking slug | sea anemone | sponge
Birds that can fly as high as 4,800 metres or higher
Alpine chough | Andean condor | bar-headed goose | bar-tailed godwit | bearded vulture | common crane | mallard | Rüppell's vulture | white stork | whooper swan
Amphibians that can weigh up to or over 1.4 kg
African bullfrog | cane toad | Chinese giant salamander | goliath frog | hellbender | Japanese giant salamander | South China giant salamander
Reptiles that use their tongues as lures
alligator snapping turtle | aquatic garter snake | common watersnake | diamondback water snake | puff adder | salt marsh snake
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