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Last updated: December 15, 2019
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1. The World Health Organization removed which of the following from its list of mental disorders in May 2019?
"gaming addiction disorder"
"gender identity disorder"
"multiple personality disorder"
all of the above
2. Wildfires north and south of which Alaskan city prompted Governor Michael Dunleavy to issue a disaster declaration for both the Matanuska Susitna Borough and Kenai Peninsula Borough? Alaska is in the midst of an extended fire season.
3. Which of the following figures resigned from their post as White House press secretary in July 2019 and has accepted a position as a Fox News Contributor?
Anthony Scaramucci
Sean Spicer
Hope Hicks
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
4. Cyril Ramaphosa of the African National Congress was elected to serve as the president of what country in May 2019?
South Africa
5. Which wealthy philanthropist signed the Giving Pledge in a commitment to donate more than half of their $36.6 billion fortune in May 2019?
Kylie Jenner
MacKenzie Bezos
Jeff Bezos
David Koch
6. Targeted by a U.S. trade ban because of alleged security breaches, what Chinese company filed a lawsuit against the U.S. in May 2019?
China Mobile Ltd.
7. After blocking the selection of a Supreme Court Justice by the Obama administration in 2016 due to it being an election year, who stated in 2019 that if the same were to happen in 2020, it would be allowed and the position filled because the GOP holds the Senate Majority?
Kellyanne Conoway
Mike Pence
Mitch McConnell
Donald Trump
8. Mark Morgan became the acting director of which agency in May 2019?
Environmental Protection Agency
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Central Intelligence Agency
Homeland Security
9. Hank Whitman retired on June 30, 2019. Whitman served as the head of which of the following Texas agencies?
parks and wildlife department
public utility commission
Child Welfare Agency
education agency
10. Which Republican congressman published a barrage of 25 tweets in May 2019 that criticized William Barr's assessment of Robert Mueller's report and stated President Donald Trump had made impeachable offenses?
Will Hurd
Justin Amash
Kevin McCarthy
Marco Rubio
11. U.S. Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes made headlines when he referred to liquefied natural gas by what phrase in a U.S. Department of Energy news release?
"freedom gas"
"liberty gas"
"liquid freedom"
"emancipation energy"
12. Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1518 into law in May 2019. Per this legislation, underage Texans will join minors from 18 other states who are no longer able to purchase which of the following?
none of the above
over-the-counter cough medicines
aerosol spray paint
e-cigarettes and vape pens
13. Legislation extending the life of which state agency was not passed during the 86th Legislature? It was later extended by executive order.
Texas Lottery Commission
Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying
Texas Board of Professional Engineers
Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
14. Who resigned from their post as British ambassador to the U.S. after some documents critical of the Trump administration leaked in July 2019?
Theresa May
Philip Hammond
Jeremy Hunt
Kim Darroch
15. In May 2019, the Chosun Ibo published an unverified report stating that five members of what group had been executed in North Korea after being accused of spying for the U.S.?
the North Korean nuclear envoy to the U.S.
the "Paradise on Earth" resettlement program
the Ministry of People's Security
the North Korean dolgyeokdae (labor brigade)
16. The U.S. House Judiciary committee announced plans to begin an antitrust investigation examining which of the following industries on June 3, 2019?
17. A mass shooting in which 12 lives were lost prompted Governor Ralph Northam to call for gun control legislation in what state?
North Carolina
West Virginia
18. Elisa Carillo became the first Mexican woman to receive the Prix Benois de la Danse. This prestigious honor is awrded to which of the following?
contemporary dancers
dance choreographers
dance teachers
ballet dancers
19. Circuit court Judge Michael F. Stelzer's May 31, 2019, ruling temporarily prevented which state from closing its last abortion clinic?
20. Which of the following countries sent 69 containers full of trash back to Canada aboard the MV Bavaria in May 2019 after withdrawing its ambassadors and consuls stationed there over the disputed rubbish?
the Phillippines
21. Fores announced that which of the following entertainers became the first billionaire rapper?
Dr. Dre
Sean Combs
Kanye West
22. Which former U.S. president received tenure at at Emory University and became the first tenured faculty member with a Nobel Prize?
George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
23. The historic Notre Dame Cathedral was the site of a catastrophic fire in April 2019. French health officials are now recommending that children and pregnant women in Paris are screened for which of the following?
asthma and emphysema
carbon monoxide poisoning
lead exposure
asbestos exposure
24. Which state became the first in the U.S. to institute a cap on insulin co-pays?
25. Actor Wes Studi will be the first Native American to receive what honorary reward? Marion Brando declined this award in 1973.
an Academy Award
an Emmy Award
a Golden Globe Award
a Grammy Award
26. Texas teacher Georgia Clark of Fort Worth was fired for posting a series of tweets related to which of the following matters?
giving zeroes to students who did not turn in their work
questioning a newly implemented sex education program
refusal to use a transgender student's pronouns
asking the president to remove illegal students
27. American journalist Steve Kroft retired from what major news program after reporting almost 500 stories and celebrating 50 years as the network's longest-tenured reporter?
"Face the Nation"
"NBC Nightly News"
"ABC World News"
"60 Minutes"
28. Women in Japan have established the #KuToo movement which is best described as which of the following?
a protest against wage disparity
a movement against sexual harassment in the workplace
a movement calling for better health services
a protest against sexist dress codes
29. On June 1, 2019, Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1631. This law bans which of the following in the state of Texas?
medical marijuana
chewing tobacco
red light cameras
loitering on public park benches
30. Dennis Bonnen, the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, is under investigation for allegations relating to a meeting with the CEO of which of the following groups?
Free American
The Right Stuff
Empower Texans
Probe Ministries
31. Violent suppression of protesters led the African Unions to suspend which of the following nations in June 2019?
32. In July 2019, the National Institutes of Health announced that it would be changing the requirements for obtaining government funding for which of the following types of research?
medical marijuana
fetal tissue
space exploration
thermal radiation
33. Which state will be the first to gather prosecutor data in order to investigate racial bias against minorities? "It is part of an effort to try to understand what disparities msy or may not exist," said state Senator Gary Winfield.
New York
34. The University of Alabama Board of Trustees voted to return a $21.5 million donation by Hugh Culverhouse Jr. after he did what?
was accused of discrimination and xenophobia
criticized the university's lack of focus on education in lieu of sports
was convicted a third time for driving under the influence
urged a boycott of the university over the Alabama abortion law
35. President Donald Trump bypassed Congress and approved an arms deal that would allow which country to build bomb parts via U.S. bomb-making technology?
Saudi Arabia
36. Governor Greg Abott signed Senate Bill 11 into law on June 6, 2019. This legislation addresses which of the following?
natural disaster relief
school finance reform
school safety measures
property tax reform
37. In June 2019, which which Texas city functioned as a resource center for hundreds of African migrants seeking asylum from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Cameroon?
San Antonio
El Paso
38. In June 2019, dozens of Dogon villagers lost theirs lives in a massacre that took place in what country? Though those responsible have not been identified, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said,"This country cannot be led by a cycle of revenge and vendetta."
Burkina Faso
39. Senate Bill 21 was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in early June 2019. This legislation raises the minimum age to purchase which of the following products?
40. Authorities ruled that which of the following sparked the Ranch Fire? Taking the number of acres burned into account, this event stands as the biggest wildfire in the state of California's history.
poor maintenance of electrical equipment
leaving a campfire unattended
dropping a lit cigarette
hammering a metal stake
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