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Last updated: January 6, 2020
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1. Which of the following families own Purdue Pharma, a company currently in the midst of a series of lawsuits relating to its claims that OxyContin was a safe drug for those seeking relief from pain?
Shanghvi family
Sandoz family
Sackler family
Johnson family
2. Which of the following women became the first athlete to make it on the Forbes' Richest Self Made Women list?
Serena Williams
Mia Hamm
Venus Williams
Lindsey Vonn
3. Which state is the first to ban cat declawing?
New York
4. Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation introduced by Texas Rep. Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) in June 2019, referring to it as a 'common sense.' House Bill 234 protects which of the following?
electric scooter rental and usage on city sidewalks
private property from forced annexation
monuments and memorials located on state property
children's lemonade stands on private property
5. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, also owe oil and gas company Comstock Resources, Inc. Comstock announced the $2.2 purchase of what Dallas-based company in June 2019?
Gulf-Tex Energy
Baker Hughes
Covey Park Energy
Main Street Energy Company
6. Which of the following "Jeopardy!" stars broke the record for the most single-game winnings? This person almost beat Ken Jennings' cash winnings record.
James Holzhauer
Emma Boettcher
Jason Mangano
Adam Stone
7. Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 2789 into law in May 2019. This law bans which of the following in the state of Texas?
red light cameras
sending unsolicited nude photographs
cultivating or processing industrial hemp
running an unlicensed lemonade stand on public property
8. In June 2019, Wayne Christian was unanimously voted to replace Christi Craddick as chairman of what Texas state agency? Craddick resigned after accusations of financial ties to oil and gas companies.
Texas Workforce Commission
Texas Real Estate Commission
Texas Railroad Commission
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
9. In a move that could end in conflict over mineral rights, Turkey commenced with a second drilling operation off of the northern coast of what country?
10. Over 500 of what endangered species died of a mass poisoning in Botswana?
white-backed vultures
African wild dogs
11. Which state governor approved the deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to help with federal security endeavors?
Doug Ducey of Arizona
Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico
Gavin Newsom of California
Greg Abbott of Texas
12. Anti-Russia demonstrations in which country have resulted in hundreds of injuries? Russia placed flight restrictions on this country in response, and tensions have remained high since the 2008 war involving the Abkhazia and South Ossetia provinces.
13. In June 2019, Jared Kushner held a meeting in Manama, Bahrain, to introduce a $50 million plan to promote economic growth and peace between what nations?
Saudi Arabia and Yemen
Turkey and Kurdistan
Saudi Arabia and Syria
Israel and Palestine
14. In June 2019, NATO implored what country to destroy new land-based missiles that it says breaks the terms set by the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty?
15. China suspended meat imports from what country after officials discovered major quality concerns and false health certificates?
the United States
16. Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that will make what crime a felony if more than 10 people are victims?
mail theft
reckless driving
17. A massive wildfire in what country was most likely caused by a mound of manure that self- ignited during the European heat wave in June 2019?
18. An agreement was made to share power over the council of what country after protesters demanded the military-run government give control to civilians? President Omar al-Bashir was removed from office in a military coup in April of 2019.
19. German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen and IMF director Christine Lagarde are both nominated to be the first female presidents of which institutions?
NATO and World Bank
European commission and European Central Bank
World Trade Organization and United Nations Security Council
World Health Organization and European Free Trade Association
20. Which company withdrew their special edition product featuring the Betsy Ross flag after receiving criticism that it promoted a symbol used by white nationalists?
Levi Strauss & Co.
Ralph Lauren
21. Who resigned as head of the Indian National Congress party after accepting liability for its recent loss to the Bharatiya Janata Party?
Varun Gandhi
Narenda Modi
Amit Shah
Rahul Gandhi
22. In July 2019, what country classified an incident involving a disastrous and deadly fire aboard one of its submarines as highly confidential after concerns of a possible radiation leak?
23. Businesses from what country have been blamed for disregarding safety regulations and inspections, resulting in many deaths and a building collapse, in their pursuit of industrial expansion in Sihanoukville, Cambodia?
24. After withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission, which country has resumed commercial whaling despite 30 years of conserving the species?
25. Parks and schools across Europe have closed to allow specialists to remove what invasive species that has increased dramatically from last year? Its toxic hairs cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
Japanese knotweed
asp caterpillars
oak processionary caterpillars
26. Mississippi had to close all of its beaches in July 2019 due to what?
flesh-eating bacteria
tropical storm
harmful algae bloom
oil tanker spill
27. Carrie Lam announced in July 2019 that the extradition bill which triggered many protests in what location was dead and a "total failure"?
Hong Kong
28. Which Texas billionaire and two-time presidential candidate died at the age of 89 in July 2019?
Ross Perot
George McGovern
Hubert Humphrey
Al Gore
29. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has a new team assigned to investigate chemical weapons attacks that have not yet been solved in what region or country?
30. What country's aquisition of Russian missile defense systems could lead to U.S. sanctions against the country, a NATO ally, causing concern for the Western alliance?
31. Alex Acosta resigned from what position after criticism of his handling of a secret case involving Jeffrey Epstein and the sex trafficking of minors in 2008?
U.S. Labor Secretary
U.S. Secretary for International Trade
U.S. Secretary of Commerce
U.S. Commissioner of Federal Trade Commission
32. In July 2019, what celebrity was charged with 18 federal counts that include racketeering sexual exploitation of children and kidnapping?
R. Kelly
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Spacey
33. The president of what country authorized an anti-sexual harassment law called the "Safe Spaces Act" that will outlaw catcalling and sexist comments?
the Phillipines
34. Why did protesters march and request the resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló?
leaked sexist and homophobic text messages
a taped recording of him accepting bribes from an interest group
allegations of misconduct from female coworkers
a scandal involving a celebrity affair
35. In July 2019, Democrats called on the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI to investigate the information safeguards in place to protect consumer privacy due to concerns over what?
the Experian data breach
the Fortnite hacking episode
Facebook data privacy
the Russian-based FaceApp
36. In July 2019, Russia and China deployed their first joint air patrol consisting of bombers and jet fighters. This drew warning shots from which country?
North Korea
the Phillipines
South Korea
37. Two police officers in Gretna, Louisiana, were fired for recommending on Facebook that which member of the U.S. Congress should be shot?
Ilhan Omar
Mitch McConnell
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Steve Scalise
38. Baytown, Texas, residents were warned to stay indoors in July 2019 to avoid exposure to what?
fumes from an overturned chemical truck
smoke from an ExxonMobil refinery fire
above average summer temperatures
poor air quality due to smog
39. President Donald Trump reportedly offered what country's leader U.S. help with their raging forest fires?
40. After experiencing over 620 fatalities in 2019, the Philippines declared an epidemic of which of the following diseases?
Hepatitis A
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