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13,1052020-12-21 The Dictator Files: Vladimir Lenin
1,5472021-08-06Territorial Changes After the Cold War
1,3292022-10-26Countries by Former Name (HARD!)
1,1952020-12-04How Many Times can you Type Yeet?
1,1452022-06-27European Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
7342020-10-21Countries by Country of Independence in 60 Seconds
4232020-10-05Countries by Religion in 45 Seconds
3672020-06-17Republican... or Democrat?
3602022-11-14NBA Current Legends by Picture
3342022-02-15Current Republics by Last Monarch - Map Quiz
3292020-05-26India... or Pakistan?
3082020-06-25Countries by Synonym
2902021-06-02Modern-Day Countries of the Durrani Empire on a Map
2142020-09-22Superhero Team Logos
1872021-02-15The Dictator Files: Pol Pot
1762020-12-03The Dictator Files: Ho Chi Minh
1662020-12-28The Dictator Files: Josip Broz Tito
1552020-12-03Yugoslavia - Map Quiz
1452021-01-17State Sponsors of Terrorism
1432020-11-09The LazarBeam Quiz
1312020-11-19Countries by Breakaway States
1252020-07-26Mistakes and Blunders in History
1192021-08-03Current Monarchies that were once Republics
1172022-09-24The Dictator Files: Leonid Brezhnev
1092021-01-22India... or Pakistan? (Part 2)
982020-06-03Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy Characters
962020-06-28Countries by Former Shape
942020-09-29People in Pictures with Narendra Modi
922020-09-15Two Countries that were Once One
912021-03-05Divided Region by Map
882021-07-11Former Flags of the Balkans
832022-10-20NBA Legends by Picture #2
782020-11-18Countries by Former Shape #3
732022-10-20NBA Legends by Picture: Meme Edition
722020-07-04Can you Spell the Capital of Iceland?
702020-11-29The Axis of Evil
672020-11-16Divided Islands by Countries
662020-06-15Shark Tank Sharks
652020-11-30Fortnite Bosses By Location
632020-07-07Smallest Borders in the World
632020-07-09Countries by Former Shape #2
632021-05-19Asian Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
602022-02-09European Countries by Former Shape
602021-02-26Republic... or Kingdom? (Europe)
602020-06-26Things with Country names in them
592020-12-11Newly Industrialized Countries
582020-11-18Countries by Former Shape #4
572020-11-05Current United Nations Peacekeeping Missions
562021-03-01The Only Country with More...
552021-03-23Countries with the Most Serbs
542021-06-18Infamous Traitors
542020-09-29Space Agencies With Launch Capability
542020-09-29People with Mustaches or Beards
532020-11-30Family Dictatorships
522021-02-14Presidents When They Were Teenagers
512020-09-14Spell the Longest Hill in New Zealand!
502023-05-20African Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
502020-07-03Hindi to English: Colors
492021-05-19Countries by Former Shape #7
482023-01-172022 Controversies
482022-09-13NBA Players with the Highest Hall of Fame Probability
472020-11-08Countries that contain -AIN
472020-11-28South American Countries by Leader - Map Quiz
462021-03-08Countries by Former Shape #6
462022-10-20NBA Legends by Picture #3
452021-02-26Republic... or Kingdom? (Middle East)
452022-05-30Countries that have Controlled Delhi
442021-03-07Animal Myths
442020-11-07National Political Parties of India
432020-11-18Countries by Former Shape #5
432020-06-18Fast Typing Digits of Phi
432020-11-12Donald Trump Spelling Quiz
432020-12-07Countries that don't have relations with the US
422022-11-08NBA Legends by Picture #4
402020-10-06Countries not in the World Trade Organization
402020-06-18JohnnyYeet's Poll
402020-06-09One-Party Countries
392020-07-08Countries that Border Iran with a Map
382021-10-29South American Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
382022-10-10Juicy by the Notorious B.I.G. - Lyrics
382020-10-25Neutral Countries Quiz
372022-09-07NBA "Greatest At" Players
372021-03-26Countries by Former Shape #9
372020-10-23Countries whose National Animals are Mythical
372023-03-15NBA Teams by Picture
372020-11-07Unique Names of Countries
342020-09-25North - South Pairs
342020-11-11German Nation-States
342021-07-28Very, Very Odd Laws by Country
332021-02-09Countries by Former Shape #8
332021-05-15Almost -IA Countries
322023-01-02Territorial Changes after the Peace of Westphalia
322021-01-12Dictatorial Titles
312020-07-09Countries by Food
312022-11-21NBA Teams by Titles
312020-06-09Happenings of 2020
302021-06-21Indian States and Union Territories by Former Name
302023-02-28NBA Players by Meme
302020-10-28Next Eleven Nations
302020-06-27Wikipedia's list of notable streaming services
302022-11-29Countries JohnnyYeet has been to
302021-01-19Countries that are a Namesake of a Region
292023-03-31Greatest NBA Player of All Time for each Team
282022-12-28NBA Scandals
272021-05-10Asian Countries by Leader - Map Quiz
252020-12-10Places ending in "-stan"
252022-04-12European Countries by First Monarch - Map Quiz
252020-10-25Countries that were once Neutral
252023-05-03NBA International MVPs
232020-10-06Fortnite Battle Royale Vehicles Quiz
232022-06-14German Nation-States on a Map
232020-07-07The Six Jokers
222021-02-28Republic... or Kingdom? (Asia-Pacific)
222020-12-08Fortnite Named Locations (UPDATED!!)
212021-03-26Countries by Former Shape #10
202020-06-30Countries that end in -an with Exceptions
202020-07-31People with the Same First and Last Name
202021-03-17Names for First-Level Subdivisions
202020-11-13Famous Sith Lords
192021-02-22Countries that Oppose Germany's being on the UNSC
182023-03-25All Countries by Former Flag
182023-01-30JohnnyYeet's Top 15 NBA Players All-Time
152022-05-11All Deeeep.io Animals
122021-02-01Big Nate Characters
112021-04-01Chinese Postal Romanizations
102020-06-11Star Wars Movies Quiz
102023-05-21Los Angeles Lakers Retired Numbers
92022-06-05Basket "Balls"
92021-02-05Prime Ministers of India (in order)
92020-07-2715 Most Popular JetPunk Users
82020-11-01US States that Do Not Follow Common Core Standards
72020-10-28MIKTA Member Nations
52022-10-12Bill Russell Quiz