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2112021-07-11Airlines that fly to Schiphol (Amsterdam)
1022020-01-07Top 10 Agricultural Exporters
952020-09-23Countries With the Most Bikes per Capita
902020-04-06Cities RyanAir Flies To
872020-01-07Top Gas Producing Countries
852021-01-29Alternate Geopolitical History
782020-01-10Important European Cities
722020-04-2050 Biggest Cities in the BeNeLux
712020-06-02Nederlands Volkslied
652020-10-12Nederlandse Politieke Partijen
612020-07-06Geography A-Z #3
602022-03-02Historical Geography
582020-04-05Geography by Category
582020-01-03Netherlands Trivia
582020-07-16Geography A-Z #4
562020-07-16Geography A-Z
562020-01-04Biggest Companies
552020-05-11Nederlandse Rivieren
532021-12-27(De facto independent) countries in Europe
522020-07-05Geography A-Z #2
462020-01-01Countries with a Metro System
452020-01-10Top 15 Countries with Most Tourists per Capita
452020-04-24Dutch Geography
452020-01-10Random Geography
432020-01-03Biggest Export Partners (Europe)
432022-02-08Amsterdam Schiphol Destinations
402020-01-07Countries with Highest English Proficiency
372020-01-07Most Spoken Languages
362020-05-1520 Most Densily Populated Countries
362020-01-01Most Dangerous Countries
362020-02-10Capitals of Partially-Recognized Countries
342020-01-07New Names of Countries
302020-01-01Big Cities
302022-02-10Geography with 'Saint'
272020-06-03Dutch Tradingposts and Colonies
272020-04-26Which City? #Nordic Countries
252020-04-25Which City? #Europe
232020-01-05Oldest University per European Country
222021-01-10Largest Cities in Africa (without capitals)
222020-01-11Geography Quiz
222020-01-07Nederlandse Dialecten
212020-01-07Most densily populated countries
212020-01-0720 Poorest Countries
212019-12-28Capitals (hard)
212020-03-17Overseas Countries and Territories of the EU
202020-04-26Which City? #Middle East
202020-06-30Autonomous Regions
192020-05-13Countries in their Own Language
182020-01-07Longest Rivers
182020-04-26Which City? #BeNeLux
172020-04-24Which City?
162022-01-16Neighbourhood to City
162020-04-25Which City? #Asia
132020-04-25Which City? #North America
132020-01-10Countries on circles of latitute
132020-04-24Which City? #3
132020-04-24Which City? #2
122020-04-25Which City? #Africa
122020-04-24Which City? #4
112020-02-26Capitals (Very Hard)
112020-04-25Which City? #South America
112020-04-24Which City? #5
102020-05-14Find the English Capital For Countries in Dutch
102020-04-25Which City? #Oceania
82021-12-06Things with St(h)an
62021-02-05Central Asia Quiz