Quizzes by brightbear81

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user brightbear81.
# of Quizzes 245
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 3,538
Quizmaker Rank # 4,819
2282022-01-15Famous People from the U.K. (Picture Version)
1732021-04-29Scrambled Bollywood Songs
1642021-03-25Famous People from New York (Picture Version)
1482021-03-29Famous People from California (Picture Version)
1142022-01-16Every Food Emoji
1142021-08-05Famous People from France (Picture Version)
992021-06-19Hermione, Ron, or Harry: 1st Book Edition
862021-04-21UK Quiz-Multiple Choice
762021-04-23Cricket Player quiz
762021-08-11Odd One Out: Harry Potter Edition
672021-04-23Famous People from India (Picture Version)
612021-08-04Harry Potter Finish the Quote
612021-04-23Chess Chain Quiz
582021-03-17RCB Quiz
572021-03-29Famous People from San Diego (Picture Version)
522021-08-04Hermione, Ron, or Harry: 3rd Book Edition
522021-06-01Every Square on the Chessboard
472021-02-19Cricket General Knowledge #1
422021-03-11Name Puzzle: US Cities
412021-04-24Cricket Chain Quiz
392021-04-06IPL 2020 Quiz
372021-03-05Cricket General Knowledge #2
362021-04-26GOAT's of Sport (Picture Version)
352021-04-23India Quiz-Multiple Choice
352021-04-25Cropped Chess Pieces Quiz
332021-08-03Hermione, Ron, or Harry: 2nd Book Edition
322021-05-15CSK Quiz
272021-03-11Name Puzzle: World Cities
252021-05-03Cricket General Knowledge #3
252021-03-10Name Puzzle: Presidents
222021-05-24May 24th: Birthdays
212021-04-22Scrambled International Foods
202021-06-02Indian Landmarks Quiz
192021-04-07Name Puzzle: Cricketers
192021-05-27Scrambled MLB Teams
182021-04-15April 16th: Birthdays
182021-06-01June 1st: Birthdays
172021-04-20April 21st: Birthdays
162021-05-28Player to MLB Team #1
152021-05-19KKR Quiz
152021-04-13April 15th: Birthdays
152021-05-07May 7th: Birthdays
142021-05-10May 10th: Birthdays
142021-05-17SRH Quiz
142021-05-05May 5th: Birthdays
142021-05-14May 14th: Birthdays
142022-05-16MLB Players by Nickname and Emoji #1
142021-04-06April 4th: Birthdays
142021-06-02Chinese Landmarks Quiz
142021-06-18June 18th: Birthdays
132021-06-09June 9th: Birthdays
122021-04-29April 29th: Birthdays
122021-05-02Greater, Less, or Equal Quiz-Whole Numbers
122021-03-06March 6th: Birthdays
122021-06-28June 28th: Birthdays
122021-05-04IPL 2019 Quiz
112021-03-21Cricket General Knowledge #2- Sprint Version
112022-01-16August 26th: Birthdays
112021-06-14June 14th: Birthdays
102021-05-05IPL 2018 Quiz
102021-06-25June 25th: Birthdays
102021-04-10April 12th: Birthdays
102021-06-10June 10th: Birthdays
102021-04-08April 9th: Birthdays
102020-12-21Guess the cricket team by image
92021-05-29May 29th: Birthdays
92021-05-09May 9th: Birthdays
92021-05-02May 2nd: Birthdays
92021-05-25May 25th: Birthdays
92021-04-28April 28th: Birthdays
92021-04-06April 6th: Birthdays
92021-06-15June 15th: Birthdays
92021-04-07IPL 2008 Quiz
92021-04-04April 3rd: Birthdays
92021-06-04June 4th: Birthdays
92021-04-06April 7th: Birthdays
92021-03-21Cricket General Knowledge #1 - Sprint Version
92021-04-04April 2nd: Birthdays
82021-05-16May 16th: Birthdays
82021-05-15May 15th: Birthdays
82021-03-28March 24th: Birthdays
82021-03-25March 23th: Birthdays
82021-04-20April 20th: Birthdays
82021-06-11June 11th: Birthdays
82021-05-12May 12th: Birthdays
82021-05-31May 31st: Birthdays
82022-01-17May 28th: Birthdays
82021-06-27June 27th: Birthdays
72021-06-07June 7th: Birthdays
72021-06-14June 13th: Birthdays
72022-01-15September 5th: Birthdays
72021-06-27June 26th: Birthdays
72022-01-16September 6th: Birthdays
72022-01-17August 19th: Birthdays
72021-05-19May 19th: Birthdays
72021-03-25March 22th: Birthdays
72021-05-17May 17th: Birthdays
72021-05-20May 20th: Birthdays
72021-05-13May 13th: Birthdays
72021-04-30April 30th: Birthdays
72021-03-16March 14th: Birthdays
72021-03-15Name Puzzle: US Cities-Emoji Version
72021-03-30March 30th: Birthdays
72021-03-31March 31st: Birthdays
72021-04-23April 23rd: Birthdays
72021-04-03April 1st: Birthdays
72021-04-18April 18th: Birthdays
72021-04-15Scrambled National Parks
72021-03-29March 29th: Birthdays
72021-04-27April 27th: Birthdays
72021-03-28March 25th: Birthdays
72021-03-29March 27th: Birthdays
72021-05-06May 6th: Birthdays
72021-03-11March 10th: Birthdays
72021-03-10March 9th: Birthdays
62021-08-22March 21st: Birthdays
62022-01-15September 13th: Birthdays
62022-01-15September 12th: Birthdays
62021-06-17June 17th: Birthdays
62021-03-29March 28th: Birthdays
62022-01-17September 17th: Birthdays
62022-01-17August 8th: Birthdays
62021-06-20June 20th: Birthdays
62022-01-17August 18th: Birthdays
62022-01-23August 25th: Birthdays
62021-06-08June 8th: Birthdays
62021-04-13April 14th: Birthdays
62022-01-15October 1st: Birthdays
62021-05-26May 26th: Birthdays
62021-04-26April 26th: Birthdays
62021-04-07April 8th: Birthdays
52022-01-15October 2nd: Birthdays
52021-05-03May 3rd: Birthdays
52022-01-16September 7th: Birthdays
52021-06-25June 23rd: Birthdays
52021-06-25June 24th: Birthdays
52022-01-16August 29th: Birthdays
52022-01-16September 9th: Birthdays
52021-03-19March 19th: Birthdays
52022-01-29July 21st: Birthdays
52022-01-17August 17th: Birthdays
52022-01-16September 4th: Birthdays
52021-06-22June 21st: Birthdays
52021-04-24April 24th: Birthdays
52021-06-19June 19th: Birthdays
52021-03-07March 7th: Birthdays
52022-01-15September 24th: Birthdays
52021-04-11April 13th: Birthdays
52021-04-22April 22nd: Birthdays
52022-01-15September 16th: Birthdays
52022-01-17August 20th: Birthdays
52021-04-07Name Puzzle: Cricketers-Emoji Version
52021-03-20March 20th: Birthdays
52022-01-15September 26th: Birthdays
52022-01-18August 4th: Birthdays
52021-05-18May 18th: Birthdays
52022-01-17August 9th: Birthdays
52021-06-16June 16th: Birthdays
42022-01-23August 23rd: Birthdays
42022-01-23August 21st: Birthdays
42021-03-18March 18th: Birthdays
42022-01-17August 13th: Birthdays
42021-05-14IPL 2009 Quiz
42022-01-17August 15th: Birthdays
42021-03-11March 11th: Birthdays
42022-01-17August 16th: Birthdays
42021-03-17March 17th: Birthdays
42022-01-23August 24th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 18th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 25th: Birthdays
42022-01-17August 14th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 27th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 23rd: Birthdays
42022-01-16September 8th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 28th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 15th: Birthdays
42022-01-16September 2nd: Birthdays
42022-01-16September 1st: Birthdays
42022-01-16August 30th: Birthdays
42022-01-16August 28th: Birthdays
42021-03-17March 15th: Birthdays
42021-03-12March 12th: Birthdays
42022-01-15September 19th: Birthdays
42021-05-08May 8th: Birthdays
42021-06-06June 6th: Birthdays
42021-05-06IPL 2017 Quiz
42022-01-18July 24th: Birthdays
42021-04-08April 10th: Birthdays
42022-01-22July 23rd: Birthdays
42022-01-29July 22nd: Birthdays
42021-04-06April 5th: Birthdays
42021-06-22June 22nd: Birthdays
42021-05-11IPL 2012 Quiz
42021-04-17April 17th: Birthdays
42022-01-18July 31st: Birthdays
42021-05-11IPL 2013 Quiz
42021-05-04May 4th: Birthdays
42021-05-01May 1st: Birthdays
42021-05-21May 21st: Birthdays
42022-01-18August 6th: Birthdays
42021-05-30May 30th: Birthdays
42021-04-25April 25th: Birthdays
32021-05-27May 27th: Birthdays
32021-06-05June 5th: Birthdays
32022-01-15September 11th: Birthdays
32022-01-15September 29th: Birthdays
32022-01-15September 14th: Birthdays
32021-06-12June 12th: Birthdays
32022-01-15September 22nd: Birthdays
32021-05-22May 22nd: Birthdays
32022-01-15September 21st: Birthdays
32021-05-23May 23rd: Birthdays
32021-04-12Scrambled Cricket Nicknames
32021-06-02June 2nd: Birthdays
32021-05-09IPL 2014 Quiz
32022-01-18July 30th: Birthdays
32022-01-16September 10th: Birthdays
32022-01-23August 22nd: Birthdays
32022-01-18August 5th: Birthdays
32022-01-18July 29th: Birthdays
32021-03-17March 16th: Birthdays
32022-01-17August 10th: Birthdays
32022-01-16August 27th: Birthdays
32022-01-17August 11th: Birthdays
32022-01-18July 26th: Birthdays
32021-06-29June 29th: Birthdays
32022-01-18July 28th: Birthdays
32021-03-28March 26th: Birthdays
32022-01-16September 3rd: Birthdays
32022-01-16August 31st: Birthdays
32022-01-22July 25th: Birthdays
22022-01-18August 7th: Birthdays
22022-01-18August 3rd: Birthdays
22021-03-10March 8th: Birthdays
22022-01-18August 2nd: Birthdays
22022-01-15September 30th: Birthdays
22022-01-18August 1st: Birthdays
22021-04-19April 19th: Birthdays
22021-06-03June 3rd: Birthdays
22022-01-17August 12th: Birthdays
22021-05-11May 11th: Birthdays
22022-01-15September 20th: Birthdays
12021-04-08April 11th: Birthdays
12022-01-18July 27th: Birthdays
12021-03-14March 13th: Birthdays