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7Guy's sister gets turned into a demon and so he starts killing demons to eventually kill demon Michael Jackson.Demon Slayer
1Dating sucks for this book worm as he nearly gets killed and gets a surgery that turns him into a monster. It is certainly a... tragedy.Tokyo Ghoul
10I WILL KILL ALL THE ______! He then proceeds to become one.Attack on Titan
15Give me your money. Five yen at a time.Noragami
2Sexy cast, with no harem and little fanservice. Takes writers and reimagines them as supernatural people with abilities based off of their books.Bungou Stray Dogs
13Turned undead and into a tyrannical skele-boiOverlord
14"Good Morning World"Dr. Stone
6Being broke and clueless gets you everywhere in a fantasy world.Re:Zero
4Guy was a normal person until he gets stabbed. His dying wish is for his friend to delete his search history. So he reincarnates with the intention of banging everything. Which never happens.That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
12Winning is fun.No Game No Life
9Writers, Artists, and creations all fight somehow to save the world. Somehow.Re:Creators
8Guy gets kidnapped by a book. Multiple times.The Rising of the Shield Hero
11"God isn't real." Because of this belief, guy gets isekai'd.Youjo Senki
3Being insecure causes supernatural things to happen. And a harem to be built. Even though he has a girlfriend.Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
5Time Travel done well. In my opinion, time travel doesn't work. But this one proved me wrong and it is the only thing that I will ever allow to have time travel.Your Name

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