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4222021-11-28Geographical Features Invisible on the Jetpunk Map
3072020-06-24Countries by Flag: Speedrun 1 Minute
2422020-06-30US States By Motto
1942022-04-25Largest Lakes In The World With A Map
1462020-09-18How Fast Can You Smash Your Keyboard?
1452020-09-10Most Spoken Languages In The World.
1192021-10-17All Countries With 7 Letters
792020-09-10Countries With 2 Syllables
722021-04-17Celtic Expansion in Europe
442021-10-051m+ Cities Ending With A
382020-07-29Largest Cities in Strips of the World #2 (Easy)
382020-07-29Largest Cities in Strips of the World #1 (Trivial)
362021-09-23Words ending with -sis
352020-08-03Other Names Of Countries
302020-07-20Countries In Their Own Language #1
302020-07-17Largest Cities Starting With Each Letters With Exceptions
262020-11-03Geography - Estonia
262021-09-23Words containing "man"
252021-05-07Geography - Poland
252021-08-08Words ending with -ette
252020-07-20Cities Starting With Each Letter With Exceptions - Extreme
252021-06-02Contronyms of English
242021-06-02Why does...
212020-07-04Countries with Irregular Demonyms
212021-10-28One In Two - Countries - Population
212020-06-28Triple Lettered Countries
192021-09-03Words ending with -scent
192020-10-05European Settlements In The Indian Subcontinent
142020-09-29Capitals By First And Last Letter
142021-05-12Subdivisions of Taiwan
142020-07-09Country Anagrams: Two to two!
132020-08-12Literal Meanings of Country Names #2
132020-07-28One In Two - Countries - Area
132020-07-15Where were these people born?
112020-11-03War Autofill w/ Google #1
112020-10-265-12 Character Cities With The Highest Populations
112022-12-29Words ending with -tti, -tto and -tta
112020-06-29Literal Meanings of Country Names #1
82020-11-03War Autofill w/ Google #2
62020-07-02Countries By Vehicles Per Capita
22020-10-21January Till December #1 January
22020-10-19January Till December #2 February
12022-09-13All The Five-Vowel Sevens
02021-01-17January Till December #3 March