Definitions of Words #1

Guess (or know, because you have seen them) the meanings of these words. Note: I wrote all the definitions, whether the definition was the correct one or not. Please do try to use mind games to figure out what I was intending to do.
Quiz by EliotSkyrll
Last updated: January 19, 2024
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1. Acaulescent (adj.)
Not producing heat.
(of a plant) Having no stem.
(of a process) Not requiring calcium.
(of a container) Overflowing.
2. Lentigo (n.)
A thick Italian soup dish.
(in architecture) A design for a small window at the spire of a church.
A species of squirrels found commonly in Southern Europe.
A discolouration of the skin which does not fade with time.
3. Waterzooi (n.)
A rare gemstone most commonly found in southern Africa.
A Flemish fish stew.
(derogatory) A term for a priest who is corrupt.
A light ship used in the 17th century, used to carry coal.
4. Cenemic (adj.)
Relating to modern language, or language used in the era that the speaker is in.
Pertaining to a blood condition where the lifetime of blood cells are unexpectedly short.
Having no particular meaning on itself (but having meaning when used in conjunction with something else).
Pertaining to dinner, or a main meal that is eaten in the evening.
5. Loricated (adj./past tense of v.)
Covered with a layer of protection, e.g. a shell, to protect from damage.
(of a piece of land) having coniferous trees, as opposed to other kinds of trees.
(of a piece of text) written as a continuation of a famous composition as a form of practice.
(of a room, etc.) pre-exposed to fragrances, e.g. perfumes, so that it has a pleasant aroma.
6. Dessiatina (n.)
An obsolete official unit of area, generally used for land.
A title for classical music pieces used to test a musical concept.
A delicate Italian cream cake with multiple layers of crust.
A 16th century term for a merchant from Persia or India.
7. Turlough (n.)
(historical) A guesthouse that is communally run and profits are distributed between families.
A thorny, gorse-like shrub that grows in the Scottish Highlands.
A lake which occasionally dries out by emptying into groundwater.
(historical) A messaging tower resembling in shape of a church tower.
8. Cottabus (n.)
In Latin, the state of being humble and self-contained, while retaining respect from others.
An ancient drinking party game where wine was thrown at various objects.
A type of stamp used to identify military officers.
A dish of cabbage rolls stuffed often with ground beef and rye bread croutons.
9. Soredium (n.)
A purple flower historically commonly consumed to cure dysentery.
A type of soil that has been exposed to explosions.
A state of mass upheaval caused by rapidly changing laws.
A reproductive organ in lichens.
10. Pasquinade (n.)
A text posted publicly intending to libel.
A savoury jam usually containing ham.
A type of dolphin common in river mouths of the eastern Atlantic.
A method of execution involving the hanging of the executee (in an interesting manner)
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