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Every Asian Country Shape0-4.9567,409
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10 Asian Countries with the Most Tourists0-4.7961,963
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Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe0-4.96164,700
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Biggest Mongol Empire Countries0-4.9162,586
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Countries of Asia in 19000-4.4248,927
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History of Egypt0-4.4620,470
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South and Central Asia Map Quiz0-4.9568,191
Top African Languages on a Map0-4.9234,322
Random Asian Flag to Country0-4.7681,242
Countries that Bordered British India with an Empty Map0-4.6447,207
Countries With the Most Russian Speakers0-4.9546,932
Countries With the Most German Speakers0-4.8443,327
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,214
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,264
Countries that Beat China0-4.6675,437
The Only Remaining Asian Country . . .0-4.5435,060
Georgia ... or Georgia?0-4.6566,877
North Korea... or South Korea?0-4.4369,867
Least Forested Countries in Asia0-4.7856,100
Iran... or Iraq?0-4.3129,535
Taiwan Country Quiz0-4.8632,144
Israel Immigration by Country0-4.3127,536
Countries in the Byzantine Empire0-4.9160,090
Which Asian Country?0-4.6451,252
Yemen Country Quiz0-4.5523,727
Pixelated Asia Map0-4.8955,123
Countries of the Mongol Empire on a Map0-4.9982,655
China Multiple Choice0-4.4232,747
Japan Multiple Choice0-4.4735,280
Kuwait Country Quiz0-4.7618,003
Turkey A-Z0-3.859,362
Ottoman Empire Quiz0-4.3014,199
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Geography of Egypt0-4.5717,913
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