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2022020-07-26Kings of Prussia and the German Empire
1902020-03-30NATO Members Quiz
1502022-05-13Largest City in Every Country
1032020-07-03US States that were Independent Countries
762020-04-09Genocides Throughout History Quiz
702020-07-19American Secretary of States Quiz
502020-02-25Active Separatist Movements in Europe
482020-07-04American Political Parties By How Many Presidents They Had
482020-07-04Latin American Capitals Quiz
472020-06-23British Political Parties
402020-07-21Quiz of Kings of England and the United Kingdom
382020-02-14European Union Member States Quiz
372020-09-22Largest Cities in the World Quiz
372020-02-07Largest Cities in Each U.S. State
332020-02-18African Capitals Quiz
302020-07-31Quiz of American Wars and Conflicts
302020-06-01U.S. Presidents by date of death
282020-03-14Countries Ranked by the Economists' Democracy Index
232020-06-03United States Constitutional Amendment Quiz
222020-02-14Members of the former Warsaw Pact
222020-03-10Active Separatist Movements in the Americas
212021-01-07Election Losers
212020-06-24American Political Parties
202020-10-15Cities of New England
202020-02-21U.S. Vice Presidents
162021-01-07U.S. Senators Quiz (2021-2023)
162021-01-07United States Senators Quiz (Pre-2021)
162022-09-12Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom Quiz
162021-01-07Quiz on Every U.S. Representative (Pre-2021)
152020-06-15Leaders of Every Country in 1914
152020-12-14Supreme Court Chief Justices Quiz
152020-05-30OPEC Members Quiz
142020-07-26Dynasties of China
122022-09-02U.S. Representatives Quiz (2021-2023)
122020-08-05US Cities by Population
112021-11-23Democrat Senators That Have Lost Their Reelection Since 2000
112020-03-11Active Separatist Movements in Asia
102020-02-27Active Separatist Movements in Africa
102021-01-23Previous Occupations of Presidents
92020-02-07Every Micronation
82020-05-28SCO Member States
72020-06-01Name Every US Governor
72021-03-11Senate Majority Leaders Quiz
72020-09-20African Leaders Who Have Been Assassinated By France
72021-11-30US Governors Quiz (Present-2023)
32021-01-10Speakers of the House Quiz
22022-09-02Members of the Blue Dog Caucus