Guess the Anime by It's Description (2020)

Guess the anime
Quiz by AbrahamG
Last updated: May 8, 2020
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The story of members of the _____ bloodline. This Manga/Anime is divided into 8 parts, each part has a different protagonist that is apart of the same family tree. Their names are all similar and they each have their own villain that they are destined to fight.
Jojos Bizarre Adventure
Basically a battle royal between 7 pairs of a master and their servant. Masters are mages (people who can use magic), and servants are historical figures in the past that are summoned to the modern day to fight in a death battle.This is the prequel of the original story
Overpowered skeleton and his team kill and torture everybody
Midoriya inherits a quirk from his favorite superhero and then enrolls in one of the most famous superhero schools in the country
My Hero Academia
Guy loses all his limbs and he travels with a kid to retrieve his body back. For every demon he kills he gets a body part back
Soma goes to one of the best culinary schools in the country
Food Wars
Humanity lives inside 3 gigantic walls to keep out the giant humanoid creatures known as Titans
Attack on Titan
Kazuma dies an embarrassing death and wakes up to see a goddess named aqua. Aqua tells Kazuma that he has the choice to either go to heaven or be reincarnated in a fantasy world as the hero. Kazuma chooses the fantasy world route, but decides to bring aqua along with him. Now an adventurer, Kazuma teams up with a useless goddess, a masochist, and a phony wizard to kill the Demon King
Love story between a mythological goddess and a merchant
Spice and Wolf
Mob is a very powerful psychic but refuses to use his abilities on others unless he has to
Mob Psycho 100
Two brothers search for a philosophers stone
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ishida used to bully Shoko when they were in elementary school. Now in high school, Ishida meets Shoko again and wants to apologize for what he has done
A Silent Voice
Subaru finds himself in another world with the ability to respawn every time he dies
A military isekai
Two siblings are summoned to a virtual world where games are the law
No Game No Life
A parasite attaches itself onto a high school boy, after failing to take over the boys body he is stuck as his right hand. The parasite is named Migi and the boy is Shinichi
Parasyte: The Maxim
A women loses her hand in a war, after the war she tries to make a living by writing letters as an Auto Memory Doll
Violet Evergarden
High school delinquent has to raise Satans son
Britannia has conquered Japan, a lost prince tries to reclaim it and take control of Britannia to bring peace to the world
Code Geass
A school based on gambling
Tsuna is told by a baby that he is going to be the 10th mafia boss of the Vongola family. The baby then trains him to not be a coward and teaches him what it means to be the head of the Maifa
Hitman Reborn
The story is based on a group of 4 students solving mysteries, the main character is sort of lazy
Ryuuko tries to find the person that killed her father, the only clue she has is half of a giant scissor, which was left behind at the crime scene
Kill la Kill
A guy in his 20's gets the opportunity to relive his high school senior year in order to fix his current life
______ Uzumaki wants to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village
Underground humans come up to the surface and try to eliminate the species that live above on the surface of the earth for hunting humans (A Mecha anime)
Gurren Lagann
Volleyball Anime
Luffy travels the world in search of Gol D Rogers great treasure and to become the next pirate king
One Piece
Aladdin and Alibaba enter a dungeon and defeat it, the story from here is a political/shounen anime (idk how to describe it)
Magi: The Labrynth of Magic
Two tsunderes, the student council president and the vice-president, love each other but do not want to admit it. The story revolves around them trying to get the other to confess their feelings using mind games
Kaguya-sama: Love is War
The devil opens a portal to the human world and finds himself in the middle of Tokyo with no magical powers, he then decides to work at McDonald's
The Devil is a Partimer
5 guys in a school try to peak into the girls locker room and get caught. They are put in prison by the females and are constantly tortured (comedy anime)
Prison School
Tanjiro loses all of his family members to demons except his sister Nezuko. He goes on a journey to turn Nezuko back into a human
Demon Slayer
Ayanokoji goes to an elite high school and helps his class rise from Class D to Class A
Classroom of the Elite
Lucy joins a magic guild that is all about friendship
Fairy Tail
Naota meets an alien girl named Haruko who makes a robot come out of his head. The weirdest anime ever.
Self proclaimed scientist creates a microwave time machine
Steins Gate
Saitama is bored of defeating everything in one hit
One Punch Man
Thorfinn vows to kill Askeladd and follows him on his journey and occasionally challenges him to duels
Vinland Saga
Iori joins a diving club at his new college but finds out the members are alcoholics
Grand Blue
Naofumi gets summoned to another world and has to fight off waves of monsters to save the world. However, something unexpected happened and now he fights alone
Rising of the Shield Hero
Light Yagami finds a mysterious notebook and uses it to cleanse humanity of crime
Death Note
Gon embarks on a journey to find his dad by enlisting in the "Hunter Exam"
Hunter x Hunter
Yuu Otosaka gets caught using his powers to cheat in school by Nao Tomori. She brings him to a special school filled with people that also have powers. Their job is to bring people with powers into their school so they dont get caught by scientist and experimented on
Despite being the son of Satan himself, Rin wants to defeat him using the blue flames he gained
Blue Exorcist
Hikigaya joins the service club with Yukino and Yui
Asta and Yuno are rivals that wish to become the Wizard King, so at the age of 15 they travel to the capital of Clover Kingdom and join the magic knights
Black Clover
The story focuses on three two person teams, each team consists of one meister and at least one weapon. Their goal is to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul so that they can become a "Death Scythe"
Soul Eater
In the land after death, Otonashi wakes up in a school and joins a resistant group of students that rebels against "Angel", a girl who tries to end their lives peacefully
Angel Beats
Tomoya Okazaki befriends Nagisa and starts to help other female students problems
Level 60
Apr 15, 2020
A lot of type-ins are needed and clues can be made better.

Great quiz otherwise

Level 51
Dec 15, 2020
Agreed @SWATkun
Level 20
Mar 18, 2022
I liked the quiz, but could you accept The Devil is a Part-Timer? I swear I typed it three different ways before giving up lmao