Statistics for Small but Famous in Germany

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BA satirical conspiracy theory got viral that says, this city dosn't actually exist.Bielefeld334,195
NIt's not a city, it's a valley, finding place and name giver to an extinct species of archaic humansNeandertaln/a
UBirthplace of Albert Einstein and location of the worlds tallest church (at least until Barcelona's Sagrada Familia eventually is finished...)Ulm126,790
JThis city gave its name to a shock- and heat-resistant glass used in scientific and technological applications, especially in chemistry.Jena111,343
WGoethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, Liszt...Weimar65.228
HThis subdivision of a small municipality in southern Germany is the home of a rural soccer club that successfully moved up to the first national league after being sponsored by a citizen and founder of an internationally operating software company.Hoffenheim3,266
FIn Germany you get points for traffic offences, stored in this city (i.e. the registration authority is located there)Flensburg90,164
MCity and brand of fine chinawareMeißen28,282
TDue to the most embarrassing construction faults in german history while building a new airport, this old airport had to manage more than twice the volume of its designated capacity (and it did!). Its popular name is also the district where the old airport was located.Tegel36,764
ZThis is the city where the most famous (eastern) german automobile was produced: the "Trabbi".Zwickau88,690
XIs there really a german city starting with X? Yes, there is one!Xanten21,607
QThe scenic center of this city with medieval framework buildings is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the major tourist spots in Germany (maybe not too famous, but hey, find a better one with Q...)Quedlinburg23,798
SGot a sharp knife in your kitchen or even an antique sword? It possibly was manufactured in this citySolingen159,245
RThis town hosts the biggest fun park in Germany, the Europa-Park with a daily visitor count more than twice the number of inhabitantsRust4,258
CSmall municipality consisting of three islands in the third largest lake in Germany, which has the same nameChiemsee203
GThis town is the scene of continuing protests against nuclear waste deposal since more than 30 yearsGorleben602
EThis little city was the scene of the biggest accident in the history of high speed trains. 101 people died when an ICE train derailed due to a broken wheelEschede5,739
DIn this city, also known for a music festival, two small creeks join to start the 2nd longest river in EuropeDonaueschingen22,118
PThis village gained sad fame in World War II as construction site of the Nazi's V2 rocketPeenemünde345
IGerman city of gemstonesIdar Oberstein28,520
LBirthplace of German's most successful tennis star, nickname "Bobbele".Leimen27,044
VThis city is famous for the world's only completely preserved ironworks from the heyday of industrialization, which has been part of the UNESCO world heritage as an industrial monument since 1994.Völklingen40.192
KA fast breeder reactor, built in this small town, made it the target of many anti-nuclear activists in the 80s, who successfully prevented it from being put into operation. Today, the site is home to an amusement park.Kalkar13,884
ANot only when it comes to elections, the "prophets" in this small town on Lake Constance are present in the mediaAllensbach7,084
OThis is what Houston is for the US: the location of the german space centerOberpfaffenhofen1,278
YY is a very rare letter in German and there is only one district in Chemnitz and one village in the Black Forest that begin with Y. Do you know at least one of them?Yorkgebiet / Yach9,000 / 1,034

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