All subspecies of wild cats in the world

Name all the subspecies of wild cats in the world.
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Species Type
Subspecies Type
Abian Cat
Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Fezzan, and parts of New Valley in Egypt
Rabbits, Rodents and Small Mammals
Black-Footed Cat
Parts of Nigeria and Benin
Rabbits and Small Mammals
Niger River Cat
Mitumba Mountains in the Congo, near Lake Tanganyika
Rabbits and Antelope Young
Mountain Caracal
Scattered Areas in Ghana and Togo
Birds and Small Mammals
Nigerian Caracal
East African Savannah
Guineafoul, Hares and Antelope Young
Savannah Caracal
From South Africa to the Southern Congo
Small Rodents and Reptiles
South African Caracal
Niger River Basin and Southern Libya
Birds and their Eggs.
West-African Caracal
Sub-Saharan Africa and the East African Savannah
Rabbits, Small Mammals and Antelope
African Cheetah
Northern Sudan, Egypt, and parts of Eritrea
Ostrich Eggs, Rabbits, Small Mammals and Antelope
Egyptian Cheetah
Chad and Niger
Rabbits, Small Mammals and Antelope
King Cheetah
Parts of Iran and Afghanistan
Rabbits, Small Mammals and Antelope
Persian Cheetah
Clouded Leopard
Eastern India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar
Mostly deer and sometimes Young Gaur
Bengali Clouded Leopard
Southern China
Deer and wild goats
Chinese Clouded Leopard
Northern India, Pakistan, and parts of Nepal and Bhutan
Indian Clouded Leopard
Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Birds, deer and wild boar
Siamese Clouded Leopard
Southern Indonesia
Monkeys, rabbits and deer
Sunda Clouded Leopard
European Wild Cat
Parts of Eastern Europe
Insects, Rodents and Squirrels
Eastern Spotted Wild Cat
Rabbits and Lemmings
Scadanavian Wild Cat
Geoffrey's Cat
Southern Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina
Rodents, insects and sometimes fish
Bolivian Cat
La Plata Region in Argentina
Insects and Rodents
South American Wild Cat
Himalayan cat
Parts of Bhutan and Tibet
Insects, Rodents and Squirrels
South Chinese Mountain Cat
Kashmir, Southern Tibet and Northern Pakistan
Rodents and Squirrels
Tibetian Wild Cat
Indian Wild Cat
Eastern India and Bangladesh
Rabbits and Rodents
Asiatic Golden Cat
Indian Subcontinent
Fish, but sometimes it will eat rodents
Fishing Cat
Thar Desert in Pakistan and India
Insects and Rodents
Indian Desert Cat
Pakistan and Western India
Insects and Rodents
Pakistani Sand Cat
Sri Lanka
Rusty-Spotted Cat
Amazon Basain
Monkeys, sloths, tapirs and capybaras
Amazonian Jaguar
Argentina and Uruguay
Maras, vicunas and llamas
Argentine Jaguar
From Texas to Central Argentina
Deer and other mammals
Black Jaguar
Central America
Deer, monkeys and capybaras
Cental American Jaguar
Mexico, New Mexico and Western Texas
Deer and livestock
Mexican Jaguar
Peru, Colombia and Ecuador
Deer and tapirs
Peruvian Jaguar
Jungle cat
Eastern India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
Rabbits, hares, fish and ground birds
Indian jungle Cat
Iran and Afghanistan
Persian Cat
Southeastern China, Indochina and parts of Sumatra
Rabbits, hares and ground birds
Siamese Wild Cat
Southern and Western Africa
Impalas, Primates, Oryxs and Ostriches
African Leopard
Arabian Penninsula and Egypt
Kudus and Oryxs
Arabian Leopard
Indian Subcontinent and Myanmar
Deer, boars and birds
Indian Leopard
Indochina and Southern China
Antelope and small birds
Indochinese Leopard
Java and Sumatra
Hares, deer and sometimes rhinos
Javan Leopard
Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda
Gazelles, Impalas, Zebras and Ostriches
Kenyan Leopard
Iran,Iraq and parts of Afghanistan
Deer and small cows
Persian Leopard
Sub-Saharan Africa
Gazelles, Wildabeast and Zebras
African Lion
Asiatic Lion
Southern Canada, USA and Mexico
Lizards, Turkeys and Small Mammals
Canada, Alaska and Northern USA
Snowshoe Hares and Lemmings
Canadian Lynx
From Ukraine and Poland to the Indian Subcontinent
Rabbits and Small Mammals
Eurasian Lynx
Central Iberia
Rabbits and Small Mammals
Iberian Lynx
Northern Brazil
Small Mammals and Birds
Amazonian Margay
Chile, Bolivia and Southern Peru
Small Mammals and Birds
Andean Margay
Northern South America
Small Mammals and Birds
Colombian Margay
Costa Rica and Panama
Small Mammals and Birds
Costa Rican Margay
Central America
Small Mammals and Birds
Long-tailed Margay
Southern Mexico
Small Mammals and Birds
Mexican Margay
Peru and Ecuador
Small Mammals and Birds
Peruvian Margay
Northern Brazil
Small Mammals and Birds
Amazonian Ocelot
Sonoran Desert in USA and Mexico
Small Mammals and Birds
American Ocelot
From Southern Mexico into Peru
Small Mammals and Birds
Spotted Ocelot
Pallas's Cat
Spread across Lebanon, Israel and Jordan
Insects, Rodents and Squirrels
Israeli Wild Cat
Parts of Iran
Insects, Rodents and Squirrels
Persian Wild Cat
Swamps in Southern Florida
Deer, Rabbits and sometimes young Alligators
Florida Panther
From Mexico to Southern Colombia
Rabbits and small deer
Spotted Panther
Alaska and Northwestern Canada
Deer and Mountain Goat
Alaskan Puma
Peru, Chile, Bolivia and parts of Argentina
Llamas, Vicunas and Mountain Deer
Andean Puma
Northern Argentina
Deer and Maras
Argentine Puma
Parts of California
Deer and Small Mammals
Californian Puma
Central America
Deer and Tapirs
Central American Cougar
Tiny parts in Suriname and Guyana
Guianan Puma
Rocky Mountains and Northern Mexico
Deer and Small Mammals
Mountain Lion
Congo Basin and parts of Angola and Zambia
Rabbits and Small Mammals
Congolese Serval
South Africa, Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe and Tanzania
Rabbits, Small Mammals and Antelope
South African Serval
Snow Leopard
Central Asia and Southern Russia
Goats and small mammals
Central Asian Snow Leopard
Northwest India and Pakistan
Mouflons and Takins
Indian Snow Leopard
Northern China, Korea and Siberia
Amur Tiger
India and Bangladesh
Antelope, sambar and gaurs
Bengal Tiger
Antelopes and other types of deer
Indochinese Tiger
Malaysia, Borneo and Thailand
Malayan Tiger
Tibet and Southern China
Deer and Blacbucks
South China Tiger
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Nov 10, 2020
Some of these are just made up. Saint Lucia panther?