United Kingdom Trivia

Answer these questions about the UK
Quiz by Regtheledge1000
Last updated: July 12, 2020
First submittedMay 1, 2020
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What year was Hastings invaded by the Normans
What is the second largest city in the UK
What is the slang term for someone from that city
What the second largest ethnic group in the UK
What is the most popular food in the UK
Chicken Tikka Masala OR Fish and Chips
As of 2020, who is the Prime Minister of the UK
Boris Johnson
What is the largest county is the UK
How many times has London hosted the Olympics
Who’s the longest serving UK Prime Minister
Sir Robert Walpole
What is the Roman wall near the Scottish border called
Hadrian’s Wall
What city recorded the hottest temperature in the UK
What is the oldest university in the UK (founded in 1096)
Oxford University
What Kent town does the Channel Tunnel start at
What is the smallest county in the UK
Whats the most popular car brand in the UK with over 250,000 registered cars
What’s the highest point of the UK (1344m)
Ben Nevis
What is the lowest point of the UK (-4m)
The Fens
What is the British island inbetween Ireland and England
Isle Of Man
What’s the largest city in Scotland
Which 20th century UK Prime Minister is sometimes depicted with a cigar in his mouth
Winston Churchill
Level 71
May 1, 2020
FolkEstone! And Hadrians Wall is a LONG way from the Scottish border.
Level 31
May 1, 2020
My mistake about the Folkestone one but hadrians wall is quite close to the Scottish border, but it was used to keep the Romans’ out of historic Scotland
Level 35
Jul 12, 2020
What is the most popular food in the UK?

Chicken Tikka Masala, i disagree. It's Fish and Chips!

Level 31
Jul 20, 2020
I thought so too but my source said otherwise. added t anyuwasy