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Capital and largest city of Hawaii, on the southeast coast of the island of OahuHHonolulu
One of the principal rivers in the southwestern United States, it flows thru the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam is located on this riverCColorado River
Capital and largest city of Indiana, in the central part of the state, on the White RiverIIndianapolis
A system of mountains in eastern North America, stretching from southeastern Canada to Alabama, highest mountains east of the RockiesAAppalachian Mountains
Desert valley in eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert bordering the Great Basin Desert, it is one of the hottest places in the worldDDeath Valley
Capital city of Alaska, located on the Alaskan panhandle, only accessible by plane or boatJJuneau
Coastal state in New England, the smallest state by area, bordered by Connecticut (to the west) and Massachusetts (to the north and east)RRhode Island
State in the western United States, home to the Great Salt Lake and a significant Mormon populationUUtah
State in New England, landlocked, bordering Canada, known as the Green Mountain stateVVermont
Territory of the United States in Micronesia, in the western Pacific Ocean, it is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana IslandsGGuam
Northernmost state in the 48 contiguous states, source of the Mississippi River, known as the Land of 10,000 LakesMMinnesota
State in the south central US, bordering Mexico, it is the second largest state by both area and populationTTexas
National Park mostly located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, centered on a large dormant supervolcano, home to the famous Old Faithful geyserYYellowstone
Capital and most populous city of Idaho, located in the southwestern part of the stateBBoise
Mountainous state in the Appalachian region, noted for its logging and coal mining industriesWWest Virginia
Densely populated island in the southeast part of the state of New York, it begins at New York Harbor and extends eastward into the Atlantic OceanLLong Island
Island and city in the Straits of Florida, southernmost city in the contiguous United States and the westernmost island in the Florida Keys connected by highwayKKey West
River in the Mid-Atlantic region, it forms the border between Maryland and Virginia, it flows by Washington DCPPotomac River
Region around the quadripoint where the borders of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meetFFour Corners
Salt water tidal estuary in New York City, it separates Manhattan and Bronx from Queens and Brooklyn, not a river despite its nameEEast River
Large city in Virginia, on the Hampton Roads, on the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, home to the largest naval base in the worldNNorfolk
Small city in western Illinois, bordering Missouri, on the Mississippi River, it was once a thriving river port and a railroad transportation centerQQuincy
Desert that covers large parts of Arizona, southeastern California, and northwestern Mexico, the city of Phoenix is located on the northern reaches of this desertSSonoran Desert
Largest freshwater lake in the state of Florida, also known as Florida's Inland SeaOOkeechobee

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