Statistics for Films (Movies) With Numbers In Their Titles

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Based on a story by Arthur C Clarke, this Kubrick film is full of amazing special effects. You can almost believe you're on a spaceship with a thoroughly mad computer.19682001: A Space Odyssey
A jury deliberate over a case that could see a young man executed. We watch them in one room as their prejudices and beliefs are laid bare. Eventually... (no I won't spoil it). But Henry Fonda does a good job.195712 Angry Men
Hugh Grant and his silly friends encounter romance and some sadness. A massively successful film.1994Four Weddings And A Funeral
Both by Walt Disney, the animated/live action films are based on a book about lots of dogs by Dodie Smith.1961/1996One Hundred And One Dalmatians
This Japanese epic by Kurosawa has influenced many films, including The Magnificent Seven (the 1960 Western directed by John Sturges).1954Seven Samurai
Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short are the title characters who find themselves having to save a Mexican village from a bandit.1986Three Amigos
A film by Terry Gilliam. A deadly virus released in 1996 wipes out most of humanity. Bruce Willis is sent back in time from 2035 to find a cure.199512 Monkeys
Winston Smith lives in dystopian London. The leader of Oceania demands total compliance. He finds some solace in fellow Party worker Julia.19841984
British society has broken down after the release of a contagious virus that turns people into violent zombies. The film shows desolate London streets.200228 Days Later
This film contains the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate as the draught blows her white skirt upwards.1955The Seven Year Itch
The title is a mathematical constant. A mathematician believes everything in nature can be understood through numbers (but he does seem a bit mad).1998Pi
Cavewoman Raquel Welch dashes about in a skimpy fur bikini, trying to avoid dinosaurs. Famous animator Ray Harryhausen did the dinosaurs!1966One Million Years BC
Featuring many of the actors from 'In Bruges', this dark crime comedy is about writer Marty, who uses the life stories of serial killers (that he meets via his dog-stealing friend) to try and finish off his screenplay.2012Seven Psychopaths
Steve Coogan stars as Tony Wilson, head of Factory Records in Manchester. The amusing biopic has lots of music from Joy Division, New Order, and Happy Mondays, and charts the fortunes of The Hacienda nightclub.200224 Hour Party People
A Disney comedy set in the 1920s, about the theft of a Brontosaurus skeleton from London's Natural History Museum.1975One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing

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