Statistics for Science Fiction Films (Movies) from Plot Summaries

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Paramilitaries sent to rescue some hostages encounter a camouflaged alien in a forest.1987Predator
A policeman takes revenge in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback.1979Mad Max
Researchers on an Antarctic station discover a shape-changing creature is amongst them.1982The Thing
A detective is in trouble when psychics determine he's one of the future murderers that needs arresting.2002Minority Report
Alien refugees with mysterious technology are forced to live in a South African internment camp.2009District 9
A robot cowboy runs amock in a western-style amusement park.1973Westworld
The president has to be rescued from Manhattan Island (now a maximum security prison).1981Escape From New York
A linguist learns to communicate with seven-limbed aliens that have landed their spaceships on Earth.2016Arrival
A man conceals his genetic identity to escape his job as a cleaner and become an astronaut.1997Gattaca
A visitor and his robot land in their flying saucer and try to warn Earthlings to be peaceful.1951The Day The Earth Stood Still
An astronaut mining moon gas is looking forward to the end of his three-year contract.2009Moon
A block of flats in South London is invaded by predatory alien creatures.2011Attack The Block
Scientists on a space station lose the plot, and a psychologist sent to help them meets his dead wife.1972Solaris
The captain of a rogue freighter space ship battles against the Alliance that rules the galaxy (and swears in Chinese).2005Serenity
Computer game players attach to organic game pods by bioports in their spines.1999Existenz

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