Nintendo Game Characters

Given a character description, name the character based on the description. Included are characters from Super Smash Bros, as it is a main Nintendo title. In the descriptions I tried my best not to give hints for other answers and tried to avoid naming the game these characters appear in.
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Last updated: March 10, 2020
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Character Description
Wields the Hylian Shield and Master Sword along with the Triforce of Courage; Sworn to protect the land of Hyrule
Possesses the Triforce of Wisdom and the power to seal away Ganon; rules the land of Hyrule as well as protecting it
Princess Zelda
(Human form) Has the Triforce of Power and seaks to destroy Hyrule and gain the other Triforce pieces; takes many forms (again the human form)
A plumber who attempts to save Princess Peach from a spiky monster and has a brother who often helps him in his journies as well
Born from an egg, he often lets plumbers on his back and helps them in combat; only two plumbers really ever seek his asistance
A spike-backed monster who steals Princess Peach from Mario a lot; he has many friends and relatives that aid him in his capturing
A galactic bounty hunter who wear a powerful exo-skeleton suit; ex-member of the Galactic Federation
Samus Aran
A legendary monster wielding psychic powers and was created in a lab who is a more powerful second variant of another legendary monster
Character Description
A small mouse monster who possesses the ability to use electricity for its own speed and defense; very loyal to his master Ash Ketchum
Protects the Planet Popstar by using his ability to inhale beings and gain their abilities as well as the ability to expand and float
An honorable swordsman who wields a gold sword called Galaxia; he proves to be a worthy oponent to a small pink being
Meta Knight
A large penguin who wishes to rule Dream Land and wield a large hammer; he is often opposed by his adversary who is small and pink
King Dedede
The Prince of Halidom of Ylisse, eventually the Exalt, who is a decendant to the Hero-King Marth; wields the blade Falchion
Son of Greil and Elena, brother of Mist, and the leader of the Greil Mercanaries; he is special for having no connection to noble birth
An alien leader of space pirates with an incredible intellect and brutal nature; he is the main adversary to a woman in special armor
Assistant to Dr. Light and must defeat Dr. Light after Dr. Light goes insane; must stop armies of robots from destroying earth with his arm cannon
Mega Man
Character Description
She is a loyal dog who assists the mayor as his or her secretary; has a twin brother whose name is Digby and has a variety of clothes
Brother of Funky and Uncle to Diddy, the gorilla is fond of bananas and his girlfriend Candy; his nemesis is King K. Rool
Donkey Kong
A true racer, this man pilots and is a bounty hunter as well; he used to be a renowned officer for the Internova Police Force
Captain Falcon
An orange fox who is a pilot, fighter, and adventurer; often called Star Fox, he lead his noble team also called Star Fox
Fox McCloud
A loyal fighter to Palutena and the leader of her army, this boy was the first Kid Icarus, and has wings, though he can't fly
A young boy and lover of baseball, baseball bats, and baseball caps; he was hit with an asteroid and has a companion named Poo
Small hedgehog who has the ability to reach unbelievable speeds; the blue rodent has many siblings who help him, though some are evil
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