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1652020-04-07U.S. Presidents Who Didn't Win Re-Election
1452020-04-14Austria or Hungary?
1422020-04-14Most Diverse U.S. States
1362020-04-15Germany or Poland?
1012020-04-16European Capitals That Contain the Letter A
842020-04-14European Capitals That Start With A Vowel
802020-04-19Top 10 Best Nickelodeon Shows
782020-04-10U.S. Presidents by Alphabetical Order
772020-04-17European Capitals That Are 5 Letters Long or Less
732020-04-22European Capitals With 2 Vowels
672020-04-14U.S. States That Start With a Vowel
632020-04-14Asian Capitals That Start With A Vowel
572020-04-17U.S. Presidents Who Lived the Longest
552020-04-16U.S. States That Have Never Been The Birthplace of a POTUS
482020-04-14U.S. State Capitals That Start With a Vowel
462020-04-15Least Diverse U.S. States
382020-04-21European Countries That Aren't 10 of the Largest or Smallest
382020-04-18European Capitals With 3 Vowels or More
372020-04-12Netherlands or Belgium?
362020-04-09Countries With the Highest International Reputations
322020-04-12Countries with Highest Income Tax Rate
282020-04-20Asian Capitals With 4 Vowels or More
262020-04-20Airport Codes For The 20 Busiest Airports
252020-04-17More Google Searches-Celebrities
242020-04-19Most Followed Instagram Accounts 2020
242020-04-18European Capitals That Are Longer Than My Username
242020-04-21European Countries: No Vowels
182020-04-12Countries that Border Slovakia
112020-04-13Is It Larger Than Florida?
92020-04-13North Dakota or South Dakota
52020-04-20The Five Civilized Tribes