Stranger Things Ultimate Character Quiz

Can you name all the characters from all 4 seasons of Stranger Things with [a] major or semi-major appearance[s].
Quiz by ZooTuber3000
Last updated: July 13, 2022
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Season 1
Kid brutally trained at Hawkins Lab with telekinetic abilities
Kid who goes missing in the Upside-Down dimension
Will Byers
The above's loyal best friend, a D&D fanatic
Mike Wheeler
The above two's close friend with curly hair and missing teeth
Dustin Henderson
The above three's close friend with amazing wrist rockets
Lucas Sinclair
Will's desperate mother who believes her son is communicating with her through lights
Joyce Byers
Hawkins chief of police searching for Will, who lost his daughter to cancer
Jim Hopper
Intelligent teenager whose best friend goes missing in the Upside-Down
Nancy Wheeler
Charming teenager who is dating the above
Steve Harrington
Antisocial, introverted teenager whose brother goes missing
Jonathan Byers
Scientist and director of Hawkins Lab who conducted tests on Eleven
Martin Brenner
Vicious, bloodthirsty monster from the Upside Down that kills Barb and hunts down Will
The Demogorgon
Mike's supportive and caring mother
Karen Wheeler
The above's generally clueless husband
Ted Wheeler
The above two's young daughter
Holly Wheeler
Teenage friend of Nancy who disappears into the Upside-Down and killed by the Demogorgon
Barbara Holland
Police officer who helps Hopper on his search for Will
Officer Powell
Police officer who helps Hopper on his search for Will
Officer Callahan
Joyce's sleazeball ex-husband
Lonnie Byers
Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will's clever science teacher
Scott Clarke
Biological mother of Eleven suffering mentally
Terry Ives
The above's sister and Eleven's aunt
Becky Ives
Mean and sh**ty friend of Steve
Tommy H
Mean and sh**ty friend of Steve
Season 2
Redheaded newcomer to the "party"
Max Mayfield
The above's nasty, abusive stepbrother who was traumatized as a child by his father
Billy Hargrove
Joyce's boyfriend who is killed by Demodogs, juvenile Demogorgons
Bob Newby
Newly appointed director of Hawkins Lab
Sam Owens
Journalist and conspiracy theorist who believes Russians are behind the strange things occurring in Hawkins
Murray Bauman
Eleven's "lost sister" with the ability to create projections
Giant monster from the Upside Down that possesses Will's body
The Mind Flayer
One of the Demodogs that Dustin grows close to, part of a hive mind controlled by the above
Season 3
Fellow ice cream shop worker of Steve that cracks a Russian code
Robin Buckley
Lucas's 10-year-old sister who helps the above, as well as Dustin and Steve, infiltrate the Russian lab
Erica Sinclair
Russian soldier working for the secret lab
Scientist taken into custody by Hopper who helped build the machine that opened the gate to the Upside-Down
Lifeguard possessed by the Mind Flayer who later becomes part of a flayed monster of human guts
Heather Holloway
The above's father and newspaper editor that fires Nancy and Jonathan, who is also flayed
Tom Holloway
Scornful and mean-spirited journalist who is also flayed
Bruce Lowe
Mayor of Hawkins who sells land to the Russians to build Starcourt Mall as well as their lab
Larry Kline
Elderly woman who notices rats eating her fertilizer
Doris Driscoll
Dustin's hyperintelligent girlfriend
Season 4
Guitarist and avid D&D player who is mistakenly believed to be responsible for multiple murders in Hawkins
Eddie Munson
Demon from the Upside Down with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, who is actually Henry Creel and Brenner's first subject
Jonathan's best friend in Lenora Hills
High-school basketball player trying to find the enigmatic serial killer
Jason Carver
Russian prison guard whom Hopper bribes
Enzo Antonov
Russian smuggler and pilot who betrays the above as well as Joyce and Murray
Yuri Ismaylov
High-school cheerleader who is the first victim
Chrissy Cunningham
Asylum prisoner believed to be responsible for the gruesome murders of his family members
Victor Creel
High-school student working on the newspaper who is the second victim
Fred Benson
High-school basketball player who is the third victim
Patrick McKinney
Snobby teenager who bullies Eleven
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