The Ultimate LEGO Star Wars Quiz

Tons of the most random LEGO Star Wars Trivia from 1999 to May of 2020! Only a true LEGO Star Wars fan could pass this quiz! May the Force be with you on this journey . . .
The answers are as of May 2020, in case you didn't read above
Quiz by ZooTuber3000
Last updated: June 5, 2021
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How long has LEGO Star Wars been around?
21 years
The current Luke Skywalker minifigure was first released in what year?
In which set did the upgraded Luke Skywalker minifigure debut in?
Millennium Falcon
What does UCS stand for?
Ultimate Collector's Series
What was the first UCS set?
TIE Interceptor
What was the last UCS set (as of May 2020)?
In 2020, a vote was held to determine the 2021 UCS set. Which set one the vote?
Republic Gunship
What were the other two options of the UCS vote?
Nebulon-B Frigate, TIE Bomber
How many variants of the LEGO AT-TE have been made?
What is the name of the LEGO vehicles that are depicted in a much smaller scale than the regular sets?
What was the first Master Builders LEGO set?
Cloud City
What three Star Wars droids are represented in a larger LEGO scale (in order of release)?
R2-D2, BB-8, D-O
What was the first LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack?
Clone Trooper Battle Pack
What was the first Battle Pack released in 2020?
Mandalorian Battle Pack
What was the second Battle Pack released in 2020?
Sith Trooper Battle Pack
When did Microfighters start?
What is the largest LEGO Star Wars set to date?
UCS Millennium Falcon
What is the smallest UCS set?
Naboo Starfighter
When was Han Solo's old hair piece finally changed?
What two movies can you depict scenes from in the UCS Millennium Falcon?
The Empire Strikes Back & The Force Awakens
What are the only two creatures that have been represented as microfighters?
Dewback & Bantha
How many versions of the Luke's Landspeeder have been released?
In 2017, a Luke's Landspeeder was released, featuring four minifgures. In April of 2020, another Luke's Landspeeder was released, featuring only three minifigures. What were they?
Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Jawa
True or false: As of spring 2020, most of the Star Wars LEGO sets have been sold out.
What is arguably the most criticized LEGO Star Wars set (released in 2018)?
First Order AT-ST
How many times has Chancellor Palpatine appeared in minifigure form?
How many snowtroopers does the "UCS" Assault on Hoth contain?
How many Milllennium Falcons (including UCS sets) have been released?
What was the last set to feature Old Han Solo?
Rathtar Escape
What is the only set to feature Old Luke Skywalker?
Ahch-To Island Training
What was the first set to feature Old Leia Organa?
Resistance Troop Transport
What is the only set to feature Old Lando Calrissian?
Millennium Falcon
True or false: the A-wing had been represented in a large scale before the UCS model
For two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, Y-wing Bombers were released as LEGO sets. Then, in 2019, a third one appeared. What was the 2019 model called?
Resistance Y-wing
How many clone troopers does the 2013 AT-TE model contain?
What battle pack features red minifigures from The Last Jedi?
Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack
What famous ship from a Disney+ original series will be released in Summer 2020?
Razor Crest
FINAL QUESTION: In April of 2020, 4 sets were released. Name one of them.
D-O / Stormtrooper Helmet / Boba Fett Helmet / TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet
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