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2872023-09-13Every Wrestler to Win Championships in Both WWE & AEW
1012023-04-27Every Wrestler to win Championships in WWE, WCW & ECW
952022-05-06Every WWE Championship Reign
752023-09-28Every Wrestler to Win Championships in Both WWE & Impact Wrestling
692023-11-09Every WWE PPV Main Event
562022-09-15Every Wrestler to Win the WWE IC, US & European Championships
512023-09-20Every Successful Roman Reigns World Title Defence/Win
512022-05-17Every WWE PPV / Premium Event / Network Special
432023-06-13Every WWE Royal Rumble Iron Man & Iron Woman
392023-07-28Top 100 Wrestlers of All Time (According to CAGEMATCH.net)
372022-11-28Every Mid-Card Champion in WWE History
372023-09-11Every Men's WWE Grand Slam Champion
362022-09-24Every WWE Double Champion in History
262022-05-15Every Wrestler to Compete at WWE SummerSlam
232023-04-03Every Tag Team Champion in WWE History
232023-04-02Every Hell in a Cell Match in WWE History
182023-06-01Every Major Champion in WWE History
162023-08-10Every Wrestler to win both the WWE Hardcore & 24/7 Championship
162023-07-11Every Wrestler to Win Major Championships in and outside of WWE
162023-04-02Every UK/Irish Wrestler to win a WWE Championship
152023-04-20Every Championship Match at WrestleMania - Part 1
132023-07-26Every Wrestler to Win Championships in WCW & ECW
112023-04-20Every Championship Match at WrestleMania - Part 2
92022-04-11Every NXT/NXT UK TakeOver Match - Part 1
82023-11-09Every WWE New Day Members Championship Wins
62022-04-11Every NXT/NXT UK TakeOver Match - Part 2
22023-11-14Every Champion in Irish Wrestling History