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1862020-07-01Top 20 Superpowers in 1950,2000,2020,2050 and 2100
872020-07-02Top 40 Superpowers in 1950,2000,2020,2050, 2100
852020-05-08Top 10 Most spoken Languages in North America
822020-07-05Top 15 Richest Economies in Asia 1950,2020,2050,2100
802020-07-12All Megacities by Countries Shape
652020-06-21Top 30 Most Populated in Europe 1950,2000,2020,2050,2100,
622020-06-29Countries over 30M People in 2100,2050,2025,2020,1990,1950
602020-05-06Minecraft Updates
592020-06-19Top 20 European Countries Population in 1950,2020,2050,2100
592020-06-14Top 20 Biggest Cities in Southeast Asia
532020-07-01Top 100 Biggest Cities in 2050
502020-06-13Top 30 Biggest Cities in North Africa
482020-05-2925 Biggest Cities in the Middle East
452020-07-02Top 5 Largest Cities in every Continent in 2020
412020-06-30Cities over 1M in Canada 1950,2000,2020 and 2100
412020-07-05Top 10 Richest Economies in Asia 1950,2020,2050,2100
382020-06-15Cities over 500k in North Africa
362020-05-103 Most Spoken Languages in Central America + Mexico
352020-06-21Top 30 Most Populated in Asia 1950,2000,2020,2050,2100
352020-06-19Cities over 500k in the Nordic Countries
332020-06-19Cities over 500k in Southern Europe
322020-07-02Top 5 Largest Cities in every Continent in 2100
322020-06-20Cities over 500k in the Middle East
302020-07-055 Largest Cities in every Region in Asia 2100
302020-06-15Cities over 500k in Central Asia
292020-06-26Top 55 Geometry Dash Demons that we all know
282020-06-19Cities over 500k in Central Europe
272020-07-02Top 5 Largest Cities in every Continent in 1950
272020-07-02Cities over 1M in the US 1950,2020 and 2100
272020-07-07Top 20 Biggest Cities in Northern America by Shapes
272020-06-20Most Populated Countries 1950,1990,2000,2020,2050,2100
252020-06-1415 Biggest Cities in Central Asia
242020-06-20Cities over 500k in the Caribbean
222020-05-2925 Biggest Cities in South Asia
212020-06-20Cities over 500k in Central America + Mexico
202020-06-19European Countries in 1900
192020-06-24Strongest Countries in the World
192020-06-15Top 54 Geometry Dash Demons that are well knowen in GD
192020-07-0210 Largest Cities in every Region in Asia 1950,
192020-06-19Biggest cities in europe
182020-06-14Top 15 Biggest Cities in East Asia
182020-07-12All Megacities in the World
172020-06-19Cities over 500k in West Europe
172020-06-22Cities over 500k in Northern America
162020-06-19Cities over 500k in Southern Africa
162020-07-12Top 50 Strongest Countries in 2100
152020-06-19Cities over 500k in Middle Europe
152020-06-20Cities over 500k in South America
152020-06-17Cities over 500k in Southeast Asia
142020-06-14Biggest Cities in West Africa
142020-07-12Top 100 Strongest Countries in 2100
132020-05-22English Speaking Countries
132020-06-19Cities over 500k in West Africa
132020-06-19Cities over 500k in East Africa
122020-06-19Cities over 500k in Central Africa
112020-06-19Middle East
112020-07-055 Largest Cities in every Region in Asia 1950,
92020-06-20Cities over 500k in East Europe
92020-07-12Top 80 Strongest Countries in 2100
92020-06-19Cities over 500k in East Asia
82020-05-15Nine Circles Levels
72020-05-29all gd levels in order
72020-06-19South Asia
62020-06-19Cities over 500k in South Asia
62020-07-0210 Largest Cities in every Region in Asia 2100
32020-07-055 Largest Cities in every Region in Asia 2020
32020-04-20Malaysia or Vietnam