FNAF Songs

You will see some lyrics from different FNAF songs and all you need to do is type in the song names. This is a WIP(Work In Progress) so I will be adding more songs to this later.
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Last updated: March 26, 2020
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I wish that I could live, but I fear I've gone to far
Afton Family
Every sin I've committed reflects in my death, left to decay can you smell me yet
Another Five Nights
The closet, Whoops, I wouldn't run over cause Foxy's inside yet he seems out of order
Break My Mind
We can not tell you apart so we'll stuff you in a suit then, are you the new security guard or a metal endoskeleton
Can You Survive
I'm a snake of lies poisoning your life you only want to take us down with a big old scoop of pain and strife
Your mechanical parts tick sounds like when I broke your bones
Die In A Fire
Once two souls had such grand goals
Drawn To The Bitter
An imposter took our life away now we're stuck here to decay
Five Nights At Freddys
Put your mask on cause now the fun is starting, don't keep it on long it ain't fooling Foxy
Five More Nights
Welcome to Fazbear's Fright, the new attraction
Five Nights Only
Don't be scared of what will happen (happen), we're just having fun and dancing (dancing)
Funtime Dance Floor
We have alot more in common then you would be calm with it's like we're the same person me and you
I Cant Fix You
I'm getting sick from these apologies from people with priorities that their life matters so much more than mine
I Got No Time
Leave me alone, I'm caught to the bone, the Springtrap has arisen god dam'n hes not alone
Im The Purple Guy
You should heed the warnings of the voice that's on the phone, tonight you might be by yourself but you are not alone
Its Me
Now don't get me wrong you were very brave, when faced with friendly singing animals you never caved
Just Gold
Just be careful about what you buy you never know what's hiding inside
Everyone please stay in your seats, the show will begin momentarily
Left Behind
You will be scared an unprepared for what I have instore for you
Let Me Through
How beautiful the Night can be, I'm never getting any sleep, I'm losing all my sanity, have you seen what I've seen
Prepare for the horrors, this night will keep repeating over and over and over untill you make it to the end
Never Be Alone
Gears grind springlocks are unwound, bloddy belt spinning 'round 'round
Nightmare By Design
Just sleep just dream, just sleep just dream
Building a coffin from confetti and confessions maybe there will be a lesson in the rubble when it's through
Nothing Remains
I've done some things in my life that you may think are crazy, a little different from the rest I get my pleasure from the pain
Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddys experience, for your safety, for the children's safety, and for those around
Run Run
You are never going back, cause you got springtraped, you are never going back, cause you got springtraped
Springtrap Finale
I'm so glad to have another member of the band, you're one of us now so let me take you by the hand
Survive The Night
Don't fear whats coming we can't fight off the urge inside, it's dark and you're afraid of the devils that come out at night
Sweet Dreams
They tore me apart, they used me for parts
The Bonnie Song
I don't like this, they all give on trying to fix me everyday
The Mangle Song
Tonight we roam and if they listen really close they can hear us sing our song, la la la la
The Puppet Song
There is a bear who bares no introduction, and a chick who's thick from reconstruction, there's a bun who's gunning for the air shaft, and a fox who gawked behind an eyepatch
Theyll Find You
We're back at it, at it again, here for the kill, not here to make friends
Trust Me
Things haven't been the same since my birthday, we went to Fazbear's that was the worst day
We Dont Bite
Five nights end when you've had enough, say goodbye when the curtain falls, funtime having a big party, slit your throat and I watch you bleed
When The Curain Falls
My name is Eggs Benedict, but I won't be working the breakfast shift (My Fav Song)
You Belong Here
Bring you down here in the dead of night, keep you working try to survive, we are secretly watching you, trying our best to get at you
You Cant Hide
Level 48
Feb 20, 2023
never be alone is my favorite