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1,8142023-01-25Biggest Cities once in the German Empire
3882020-06-15Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul Characters
1482020-09-10Countries Invaded by the United States
1252020-07-23Most kept Mammal Species in Zoos
1162022-11-16Most Valuable Players of the FIFA World Cup 2022
962020-09-07Countries Invaded by Germany
932020-09-13Countries Invaded by the United Kingdom
802020-07-14Biggest Cities in Europe by City Proper
782020-09-15Countries Invaded by Japan
722020-08-04Deadliest Wars in Modern Times
662020-07-30Countries with the Highest Mountains
622020-09-14Countries Invaded by France
562020-08-02Deadliest World War II Battles
562020-08-12Changed City Names
542020-08-24Changed Country Names
512020-09-08Countries that Invaded Germany
472020-07-20Historical Country Extents
422020-08-11Biggest Cities on North Sea
422021-11-22Carnivores of the World
412020-07-23Countries with the Longest Tunnels
392022-11-16Footballers by Country
382020-07-17Tallest Architectures by History
372020-08-02Biggest Zoos in Germany
372020-07-18History of European Countries
372020-04-20Largest Mammals of Asia
342020-07-29Oldest Zoos in the World
342021-10-14Cattle Species of the World
342020-07-13Biggest Cities in the World by City Proper (with Exceptions)
342020-07-16Cities with the Biggest Stadiums
332020-08-10Most kept Bird Species in Zoos
312020-07-15Countries with the Tallest Statues
292020-08-17Tourist Attractions in Berlin
282020-08-11Biggest Cities on Baltic Sea
272020-04-20Big Cat Species of the World
272020-07-23Countries with Roman Amphitheatres
212020-04-17Pinniped Species of the World
212020-04-17Species-richest Zoos in Europe
202020-04-17Natural Fauna of Germany
202020-07-23Countries by Profit in Economy (CAB)
192020-08-06Countries with Dolphinariums
182020-04-22Bear Species of the World
182020-08-12Biggest Cities I've Been To (Arang)
172020-08-10Countries by Deficit in Economy (CAB)
162020-04-25Natural Fauna of Turkey
142022-10-27The Walking Dead Characters
122023-02-05Birthplaces of the German FIFA World Cup 2014 Squad
92023-04-21Recently Extinct Animals by Picture
62023-02-03Germany FIFA World Cup 2018 Squad